Q & A with Bernie – October 22, 2012

Question for Bernie:

How do you know that God’s favorite colors are purple and yellow?

Bernie’s Answer:

colors purple and yellowTraditionally, the colors of pure bright yellow and purple have been seen as the colors of spirituality by many cultures. Purple also denotes royalty, and some might argue that since some use the phrase “King of Kings” to describe God, it seems to fit.

Also, as a blend of blue and red—a cool and a warm/hot color, purple could be describes as the perfect or ideal color. Purple can also be associated with a quiet mind—as in meditation.

Yellow- a clear, bright yellow generally denotes energy and sunlight in many cultures worldwide. This “pure” yellow is linked directly with sunshine, and the kinds of feelings people enjoy like being warm and being happy.

Yellow is not a “mindless” color, though. It can also represent a high intellect and/or exceptional creativity.

But just as yellow is accepted by many cultures around the world to mean “happiness,” it is also used to call to being cautious (yellow traffic lights, certain traffic signs).

Researchers defined how colors affect most people and from some of these findings, fast food restaurant chains learned that by using bright (primary) colors, customers somehow felt compelled to get in and get out quickly—which is just what a McDonald’s or Burger King wants people to do. Surrounded by bright colors is not conducive to relaxing and lingering over your meal.

The effect of colors on human beings has been studied for some time, and it is very interesting to learn what researchers have found to date about the use of color to influence us in everything from making us more likely to buy something to calming us down in the doctor’s office.



Question for Bernie:

I’m writing you on this rainy evening because I need to thank you. When I was 15 years old, in 1988, I read Love, Medicine and Miracles for the first time and decided to become a doctor. Life took me down a different path, however, so I studied Philosophy instead of Medicine. I obtained a good job, married, and God gave me two wonderful daughters. More than anything else, though, I have always been healthy. Now Life is taking me down a new path once more—I’m trying to become a therapist.

Some weeks ago, thieves came to my house and made a big mess, but ironically, I have to thank them because while tidying up the library, I found your book 24 years after I first bought it and read it. Of course I immediately read it again. It’s still a gold mine for me, and now I can appreciate every single word.

So I’m writing just to say THANK YOU and tell you that your “Love lesson” will last forever, and appear whenever it is needed.

Love and Peace

Bernie’s Answer:

I have learned not to resent a thief and wish to get even. If I do that, then he is still robbing me, of the precious time I have left in my life.

I let go and wish him the best and love him.



Question for Bernie:

I was featured in your book A Book of Miracles telling my story of surviving a late stage breast cancer four years ago. I’ve felt I’ve grown stronger and have really been happy in my “new life” since then.

However, this week on my four year survival anniversary, I was shocked to find out my cancer has returned in my bones! How can I put this into perspective? I’m trying to stay positive and muster all the same forces of diet, exercise, meditation and support I used to conquer this before.

My doctor says to view this as a “chronic disease” and not a death sentence, but it’s so hard not to give in to the fear. Any suggestions?

Bernie’s Answer:

First you must realize that you don’t know the future. Look what happened last time.

Fear, as part of human emotional behavior, is there to protect us from immediate threats, but when we extend it to imagined threats it becomes a barrier to healing and healthy growth. Fear puts our internal chemistry in overdrive.

one-foot-in-front-of-the-otherPlease focus on your potential and what you desire your future to be, and then live it one day at a time. Learn to really live in the moment, loving the day and your body—doing that and having faith is the key not just for coping, but for overcoming…

As one of our kids said to me when he was just 7 years old and I thought he had only a year to live because of a bone tumor, “Dad, you’re handling this poorly.” At that moment I learned an incredible lesson about living in the moment and the way it frees your body and immune system from debilitating stress.

So give your body a “live message.” And let me know with questions or drawings if I can help you decide things.




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One Response to Q & A with Bernie – October 22, 2012

  1. Jenny Bowser says:

    A friend has gotten me into reading your articles in the paper and I have to say that as soon as I see the paper, I get excited and flip to the second page. Every time I read your words, I feel soothed and invigorated. I look forward to the next.
    I am interested in seeing you talk and would like to get my hands on the 2013 calender. And as an afterthought to the egg, carrot, coffee… I think we are meant to be coffee but as you see relationships around you, their hearts sometimes we are called to be an egg for someone or a carrot. Peace

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