heal-your-self-dvdHeal Your Self (http://healyourself.tv) is a new documentary, created over four years, featuring interviews with seventeen amazing people from all over the world. Its main goal was to find out what people can do to take back control of their health by taking responsibility for what’s going on inside and around them. The DVD includes stories of people who cured themselves of everything from obesity and spinal meningitis, to cancer and alcoholism. It also features industry leaders including well known author John Gray, PhD, a well-known health researcher; Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder of Seventh Generation; Bernie Siegel MD, a pioneer in the holistic approach to medicine; and Susan Ryan, cancer survivor (and mother of Meg Ryan). You’ll learn from these experts about Food and Nutrition; Emotional and Environmental stress; The Power of the Mind; Meditation and Visualization; Taking Responsibility plus LOTS of practical tips throughout. Even if your own health is great, please consider sharing this with anyone you may know that may be struggling with their health and looking for some positive information and inspiration.