Q & A with Bernie – July 14, 2014

Question for Bernie

Again, thank you for your meaningful and direct words. I come back to them often, if not daily!

I finished my fifth of six chemo rounds last week. After six, I get a PET scan to determine my next steps. Based upon their initial recommendations, I’m anticipating they will put me on maintenance drugs that include some level of chemo indefinitely and perform scans to monitor. There’s a possibility they may also recommend gamma knife for my primary lung tumor.

I know you said stop thinking! That’s easier said than done. I am 48-years-old and the thought of what chemo/maintenance indefinitely may do to my body is concerning. I’m reading a lot about less toxic/alternative treatments. How do I evaluate these alternatives? For example there are doctors who appear to help stage IV cancers without all the toxicity. Any guidance from you regarding alternative treatments would be so very much appreciated.

Bernie’s Answer

You have to let your heart make up your mind.  Doing what is right for you and trying not to die are two different things.  You are alive now and your choices are about living in a way that your Mind-Body-Spirit connection tells you is right for you.

Picture yourself doing well with what you choose and successfully pushing your constant negative thoughts out with that positive picture.

Our minds give us the potential to influence what happens in our bodies, so if you are envisioning that your choice of treatment is right for you, there will not be negative side effects.

Find a doctor who practices integrative medicine, incorporating into your treatment alternative approaches like supplements to support your body’s immune system and overall health.


Question for Bernie

Sharing a joy!

Thursday of last week, the oncologist threatened to hospitalize for a blood transfusion if my hemoglobin didn’t go up.  The low for normal hemoglobin is 12; my level was 8.    He wanted me to come back in for another blood sample on Monday.  I put him off until Tuesday morning this week, believing if I had one more day to pray, do my positive mental imagery, eat foods, and exercise to build up my hemoglobin, it would go up sufficiently for him to leave me alone.

The exercise part wasn’t easy, but I got it done.  Swimming is easier for me than walking, so I did that, but had to have my husband and another man help me exit the pool since I wasn’t strong enough to do it by myself.   Tuesday, at 2 minutes to 5 PM, the oncologist’s nurse called to say that my hemoglobin count had gone up sufficiently so that neither a blood transfusion nor further blood work was needed.   THANK YOU, GOD!!

I went swimming again today to continue to build up my hemoglobin, and I was able to climb up the ladder and exit the pool by myself. Thursday of next week is the test to see if all the cancer is gone and the chemotherapy can stop; Bernie, I am doing everything I have read from you to make it happen.  Thank you!

The oncologist wanted me to do three treatments of chemotherapy even if the PET scan shows negative, his idea being to prevent cancer from coming back.  I told him “No.”  I really believe chemicals don’t prevent cancer.

Bernie’s Answer

You are an exceptional human being.

Keep visualizing your bone marrow turning out the red blood cells.  Images work with the body—even seeing yourself swimming increases the muscle strength in those muscles used when you actually do swim.


Question for Bernie

Thanks Bernie. Do you know/recommend any doctors closer to Delaware—the ones finding success with lung cancers?

Can you help me better understand what you meant when you wrote:  “…doing what is right for you and trying not to die are two different things.”

I am grateful as always for your help and knowledge.

Bernie’s Answer

If you are trying not to die you do everything every one recommends, whether you like the treatments or not.

Doing what is right for you means that you can say “no” to what others prescribe.  See attached drawing.  She hates her doctors and feels sorry for herself and her cancer.



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