You Are a Stradivarius

Dear Everybody,

If you were given a Rolls Royce, a Stradivarius, a precious jewel, or something lse of great value, how would you take care of it? i think the answer is obvious. You would guard it and care for it to maintain its value.

You are given a life to care for – your own. How do you take care of it? I think the answer is that you do not care for it as well as you do your other treasures. Every life is a beautiful instrument and work of art. Learn to see it and play it with all your talent. But most of all, treat your life with the respect it deserves.

You may not have been treated like a treasured instrument, but it is never too late to polish your finish and tune your strings. When you are in tune with the preciousness of life, teach others what you have learned

You are a Stradivarius – play from your heartstrings!



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