Q & A with Bernie – August 27, 2018

Question for Bernie:

Good morning Bernie,

I am writing you because since March, I think I have forgiven myself about the death of Walter.

This summer, in July, I went to Portugal to work for two weeks with some people from my family, and I met a guy who is a friend of my nephew. He was so nice with me. I was feeling something like love for him, but he has a girlfriend. So, I feel bad thinking about him.

I respected his relationship with his girlfriend during the time we worked together, but on the last day of the two weeks, I told him that I liked him and was a little jealous about his girlfriend. I haven’t felt something like that since Walter’s death.

I like some men, but when I feel that kind of jealousy, I feel sad because I like this guy, I wanted to know him better, but he has a girlfriend. He met her only six weeks before I met him when I went to Portugal to work, and I keep feeling that, “Oh, if I’d met him just a few weeks sooner, he would be free.”

I hope God gives me the patience to wait for real love—for someone who loves me as I need to be loved, and who I can love. I wanted to tell you of my progress in getting over Walter’s death.

Have a nice summer and thanks.

Bernie’s Answer:

You have worked through your grief and arrived at acceptance of Walter’s death.  Now, you are ready to do what makes you happy, and if you do that, you will meet your man then and there.


Question for Bernie:

Dear Bernie,

I wrote to you five and a half years ago when my father was first diagnosed with terminal advanced prostate cancer and given three years to live by his oncologist. It was so kind of you to look at some of his drawings and respond to help look at some of the issues.

After five and a half years living life to the maximum, dad is now in a Hospice doing very poorly and suffering terribly. He came to America for treatment which helped him almost double his life expectancy. Dad has been the most exceptional cancer patient, and as he nears the end of his life, I wondered if I could let him know I’d told you how well he’s done, he’s always respected your work so much and I know it would mean a lot.

I don’t want to take up your time replying so I wondered if it was okay if I said something like “I e-mailed Dr. Bernie Siegel and he has said what a truly remarkable cancer patient you are to have almost doubled your oncologist’s prediction. You are without doubt an exceptional cancer patient and one of life’s most determined souls to challenge accepted wisdom and inspire others through the way you travelled your journey.” (I am just trying to save time by drafting something as I know you must have so many e-mails).

Thank you in advance from Windsor, UK.  I hope you are well.

Bernie’s Answer:

You may share whatever you like. Also tell him to speak to God, and to tell God that I sent him.

Ask your father to tell God what he really wants—either to get well again, or to leave his tired body and become perfect again.

Let your dad know that his love will remain forever and make him immortal.



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