Q & A with Bernie – November 12, 2018

Question for Bernie:

I am 12-weeks pregnant and found out this week my baby has a rare birth defect where its liver and maybe other organs are growing in a sac on top of its belly. I have made appointments with specialists, and now want to focus my energy on visualizations to help the organs move back into the body. I had some questions about this, and found your name in a CNN article from 2011 discussing visualizations and healing. Is there any way I could consult with you?

I have been visualizing the image I saw at the sonogram and the organs then moving into the body and the sac (called an omphalocele) shrinking. I have been trying to visualize it in my actual body (uterus), where the baby is, but it’s actually easier to just picture it in front of my eyes, and I would like to know if it is any less effective if I picture it generally instead of localized.

And also any other guidance would be greatly appreciated. I have another sonogram on Thursday and I am hoping to dedicate time to this before then, in the hopes of even helping things before then. I know nothing is guaranteed, but I’d like to try. Also, I am wondering if I should be using some kind of relaxation/hypnosis-like technique before the visualizations, and what those would be / if there are any scripts or videos that would help.

Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer:

My website has a selection of CDs which can help. Browse through them and pick what feels right for you. The direct link is http://berniesiegelmd.com/products-page/audiobooks-cds/

Visualize what you desire happening as happening in your body, and make the repairs and changes you desire—and then visualize a normal child being born.

Do this visualization as often as you want, but at least every couple of hours each day.

Keep in touch (and his name is Bernie…)



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