Amazing grace, how sweet the sound…
Was blind, but now I see.
~ John Newton

Grace:  even the word feels good to say, and I love the song “Amazing Grace.” Someone I knew made the statement that they did not like to sing, “That saved a wretch like me.” He preferred to sing, “That saved a soul like me.”  But isn’t grace all about seeing beyond our human faults and imperfections?

When I can accept that I am a wretch in certain ways (and my wife could certainly add to that list) and then receive the grace of God, it truly means something to me.

If I were a glorious soul free of blemishes, of course I would expect salvation to come my way.  But when I am a wretch, lost and bound in knots, and grace is bestowed on me, that is truly special.

By the grace of God help yourself and others to be free.



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