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    Introducing Bernie Siegel's new audio download, Daily Meditations for Optimal Health. Selected for Dr. Bernie Siegel’s Prescriptions for Living best-selling series, these recordings are a combination of guided imagery, auto-hypnosis and meditations that relieve stress, open the heart, and deeply heal your mind, body and spirit. Learn more.     Available now. Order your copy online today at:  Hay House.
    Introducing Bernie Siegel's new title, Love, Animals & Miracles: Inspiring True Stories Celebrating the Healing Bond . The stories in this new book offer funny and heart-touching, true-life experiences that convey loving connections, amazing rescues, and healing with (and by) animals — both wild and domestic. Learn more     Available now in bookstores everywhere. Order your copy online today at:  Wisdom of the Ages, Barnes & NobleAmazon or New World Library.
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    The group meets on the first Friday of every month from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern Time. You may access the teleconference by dialing into the conferencing service at: 1-857-232-0158. Then enter Conference code 379552 and you will be connected to the group.

    This free phone support group will bring people together who are experiencing health challenges and create a community devoted to emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. With the help of Dr. Bernie Siegel’s sage wisdom, patients can find hope and healing as they embark on their path forward. By participating in this group, you may learn to embrace each and every challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation.

    HOST: Dr. Bernie Siegel is a writer and retired pediatric and general surgeon who writes and teaches about mind-body medicine and the relationship between the patient and the healing process. He is internationally known for his best-selling book, “Love, Medicine and Miracles”. In 1978 he founded Exceptional Cancer Patients, a specific form of individual and group therapy utilizing patient’s drawings, dreams, images and feelings. ECaP helped to facilitate personal lifestyle changes and personal empowerment of the individual’s life. He has been a global pioneer in improving and humanizing medical education and medical care.

    CO HOST: Dr. Tobi Mansfield is a medical psychologist specializing in helping patients with chronic illness and is the author of “When God Talks Back: Madness or Mysticism?”. She is the director of the Miami Wellness Center in Miami, Florida and a member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, England.

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    God washes the eyes by tears until they can behold the invisible land where tears shall come no more.
    ~ Henry Ward Beecher


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  • Walls

    I get tired, just every now and then, of beating my head against certain walls that people and I build between people and me.

    Our connections and relationships keep us alive by giving our lives meaning. So why do we build walls around ourselves? I believe it is out of fear: what will others think if they see me, my home, my life, and what I am doing?

    Walls keep us from seeing the truth and knowing one another.  We cannot become one family if walls separate us.  Break down the walls by coming out from behind yours and letting people know you.  You can start with a small crack and by removing a few stones.  When you see the benefit of revealing yourself, it will become easier to take the entire wall down.  Until you have removed the separation, you will never know the people on the other side of the wall.

    But if you’re not quite ready to take the whole wall down, at least build it out of glass.  That way you can both feel safe and still be able to see each other’s truth.  After a while there will be no need for a wall.

    Be a wall buster rather than a wall builder.


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    Why is Self-Love So Freaking Hard?

    Hello, Lovely You,

    Why is Self-Love so freaking hard and HOW to love yourself? It’s easy to pay lip service to this topic. It’s easy to pretend that you love yourself. But it’s NOT easy to actually do it!

    Why is Self-Love So Freaking Hard?

    It’s harder for some people than others. Some of us were brought up in healthy family environments where we were shown that we were enough – that we were worthy of love.

    But others of us, and you know who you are, were not this fortunate. We were not loved unconditionally. We were not loved for who we were. We were not cared for or nurtured. Sadly, our young minds took in this information and filed it away under “THE TRUTH.”

    It must be the truth, right? Kids know nothing and adults know everything. We are supposed to look up to our elders and respect them, even when they don’t treat us very well.

    And so many of us are simply programmed, and this program runs DEEP. And so as adults, no matter how often we hear we should love ourselves, and we try to love ourselves, it never really takes a hold, because our knew belief is like little David looking up at big, bad Goliath.

    But if you know the story of David and Goliath, you know that David actually wins the battle, even though he is a tiny boy with only a stone and slingshot and Goliath is a towering brute of a monster.

    How could David have possibly won?

    Because that little stone that he hit Goliath with represents truth. And truth ALWAYS wins, no matter HOW BIG the lie is.

    The truth is, you have been lied to. Perhaps by your parents, your friends, your teachers, the neighbor across the street growing up, your college professor, your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, your boss and even yourself.

    Anyone who has ever made you feel less than worthy of love lied to you about who you are.

    You are not just a human being.

    You are not the name given to you.

    You are not the body given to you.

    You are not the race given to you.

    You are not the nationality given to you.

    You are a creation of the divine creator. The creator made you out of love and loves you eternally and infinitely.

    Who are you going to believe: The diving creator, maker of everything that is, was or ever will be? Or a bunch of human beings who, most likely are lacking in the love department themselves?

    The one true source of life?

    Or Your 9th grade ( where I come from it is Form 4) teacher who told you you were an idiot?

    The most powerful and eternal being?

    Or your ex-husband who cheated on you?

    Your path to self-love must be a path of truth. Until you accept the truth of who and what you REALLY are, your life and worth will be run by lies.

    I may have never met you or spoken with you in person, but I can say with 100% certainty that I would NEVER lie to you. And I am telling you from my heart and soul, you are a spark of divinity. You are so BEYOND worthy of love.

    If the Creator with a capital C loves you completely and eternally and made you out of divine love, then how can any other human being, including yourself, possibly convince you that you are not worthy of love?

    Your Self-Love Homework

    I hope that this post at least has you thinking a bit differently. When I first came to the realization that I was beyond worthy of love because I was made by divine love, I remember having this feeling of warmth come over me and I actually laughed out loud.

    In an instant something inside me shifted. It was like when Dorothy pulled back that curtain in the Wizard of Oz and saw that the “great and powerful Oz” was just some old feeble guy. I felt like all of the Goliaths in my life that made me feel unworthy were suddenly obliterated when I realized that the divine creator loved me madly.

    In the coming weeks I want you to really recognize the truth, and that is if you have trouble loving yourself, it is because a bunch of Goliaths lied to you. But those lies are just feeble, old lies, they have no real power over you once you see through the trick and into the truth – You are loved by the head honcho, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

    Spend time in quiet meditation connecting with the divine source that loves you. Once you begin to feel this love, you too will sense an undeniable warmth and you’ll probably laugh out loud, too.

    I’ve talked about the power of the Ho’oponopono https://www.prudencesinclair.com/hooponopono-can-heal-others/ cleaning practice to remove subconscious programming. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

    You. Will. Not. Believe. How. Your. Life. Will. Change. When. You. Love. Yourself!!!

    With all my love and then some!


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    Pet Therapy

    Were it only to learn benevolence to humankind, we should be merciful to other creatures.
    ~ Plutarch

    I take our dog, Furphy, everywhere I go.  He is a little Lhasa apso and gets all the hellos and greetings when we are out.

    In my therapy groups, he always knows when the sessions are over and lets me now it’s time to take him for a walk.  I point this out to the group members, hoping they will follow his example and learn to speak up when they have needs.

    In one group, a man was sharing a tragic story about his cancer when the room was filled with the sound of someone snoring.  The speaker was very upset that someone would be so uncaring as to fall asleep while he was speaking about his anguish.  When the listeners pointed to Furphy, the snoring culprit, the speaker and everyone in the room burst into laughter.

    Furphy is an excellent therapist and knows when a good laugh is needed or when a little attention is necessary.  God grant that some day we will be as kind to animals as they are to us.

    Adopt a pet or two and experience pet therapy every day.

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    The Greatest Love of All – Why the Relationship with Yourself is the Most Important

    To love one’s self is the beginning of a lifelong romance.
    ~ Oscar Wilde

    Good morning, Lovely You!

    I mentioned last week that I have recently had work done in my house. I finally built my upstairs sanctuary. It is a project I have been dreaming about for years and now I finally get to live inside my dream. It is an amazing feeling.

    I bring up this remodeling project because I was reminded of something very important during the build. You see, even though I was constructing something upstairs in my attic space, what determined what we could and couldn’t do upstairs was how well the foundation had been built downstairs.

    To me, this is so incredibly symbolic of how we build the relationships in our lives. Unless the relationship you have with yourself is strong, your other relationships may crumble.

    The reality is, how you treat yourself is how you will treat others. Looking at it this way, the most selfless thing you can do is be self-centered. Which, by the way, has NOTHING to do with being selfish!

    Only until you can truly love yourself can you truly love others.

    What Does Self-Love Really Mean?

    If you were to do a search for self-love, chances are Google would return a bunch of articles that include self-care tips. While many of the suggestions, such as taking a hot bath, getting a massage, or relaxing with your favorite tea and music mean well, self-love goes far beyond pampering yourself every once in a while.

    So then what is self-love really about?

    Loving yourself is about showing yourself true kindness, respect and compassion. Imagine how you would treat a small child in need or a stray dog who came to you for help. Most people would instantly melt and treat these beings with great care, love and gentleness.

    But how do you treat yourself when you are in need? Do you chastise yourself for even having needs? Do you constantly put everyone else’s needs first and neglect your own?

    How do you talk to yourself on a daily basis? Do you give yourself praise for your accomplishments? Or do you only pay attention to your mistakes and shortcomings?

    Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and, on most occasions (if not all), finding that you just don’t measure up?

    At the end of the day, self-love is about loving ALL of you, even the darkest, ugliest parts that only YOU know exist. It’s not about thinking you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread; it’s recognizing that you aren’t and being 100% okay with that.

    Why is Self Love the Most Important Love There Is?

    Simply put, how you view yourself is how you view your external world. People who think poorly of themselves often judge others harshly.

    Also, we are responsible for teaching others how we should be treated. If you want to surround yourself with people who treat you with kindness, compassion and respect, then you’ll need to know you are worthy of kindness, compassion and respect.

    I think so much of the cruelty, greed and corruption in this world stems from the fact that most human beings have a very low self-worth. We are all born as perfect, beautiful creatures, but then the world gets to us and we become corrupt and forget that we have been created in the image of the creator, who is PURE love and ONLY love.

    Steps to Building a Loving Relationship with Yourself

    As we approach Valentine’s Day and take the time to celebrate the love we feel for others, I invite you to begin the journey toward loving yourself more.

    Here are some ways you can get started.

    Much love,


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    Q & A with Bernie – February 10, 2020

    Dear Everybody,

    I have corresponded with someone for over a year now about dreams and what they may mean.  I’ve included my latest question from your fellow reader here, and added more information from a post on my website about interpreting dreams.

    Question for Bernie:

    I dreamed that my friend said to me that, besides other things, he loves triangles—a pretty strange dream and I am not sure what it really means.

    Bernie’s Answer:

    All shapes mean something.  I don’t know about triangles, but the sharp changes in directions and lines, unlike a circle where going around is smooth, may mean that you are experiencing change which often brings a sense of going in different directions with it, with or without a sense of confusion.  It can be exhilarating and does not mean necessarily that the movement in your life is negative—it could be very positive.

    For more on how to interpret dreams, click this link: “Making the Invisible Visiblehow dreams and drawings reveal the unknown and invisible.”


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    LOVE Really is the Best Medicine

    Good morning, lovely you!

    I can’t believe it is February already! I can see spring from where I stand and am happy to report that so far, this winter has been pretty mild and tolerable. Knock on wood.

    Have you been noticing all the little hearts going up on store windows and new candy displays being set up? Love and chocolate are definitely in the air. While I’ve never been a diehard fan of Valentine’s Day, I have always been a fan of love. And I’ve become more of a fan with age, and the more I’ve realized the health ramifications of love.

    You see, love not only makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, there are actual science-backed health benefits of feeling love.

    Here are just some of them:

    Love Boosts Your Over Health

    A report by the Health and Human Services Department suggests that couples who have a loving, healthy relationship tend to be healthier and have less illnesses. While the researchers haven’t pinpointed exactly what causes this phenomena, they speculate that partners in love, real love, tend to encourage each other to take care of themselves, eat right, exercise, meditate, etc.

    Love Lowers Your Blood Pressure

    According to a study published in the Annals of Behavioural Medicine, couples who were in a happy and loving relationship had lower blood pressure than those who were single. However, couples in an unhappy relationship tended to have higher blood pressure levels, just like their single counterparts. So the key here really is LOVE.

    Love Beats Stress

    Do you know why it feels so good to be in love with someone? Because when we are, our bodies release feel-good hormones that have the ability to kick our stress to the curb. In addition, these good hormones can lower the levels of bad hormones released in our bodies when we are stressed – hormones like cortisol, that can absolutely wreak havoc on our health.

    Love Fights Depression and Anxiety

    Those feel good hormones are also a great natural remedy against depression and anxiety. In fact, in a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, scientists took brain scans of people in love as well as those in long-term committed relationships. What they found was that being in love lit up a person’s dopamine-reward area in the brain. This is the same area that lights up when consuming addictive substances like cocaine or even winning the lottery. So being in love makes us feel REALLY good, and that can go along way if we’ve been feeling sad, depressed or anxious.

    Love Promotes Healing

    It has been scientifically proven that love can heal. In a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, scientists found that wounds heal faster in couples who are in a stable and loving relationship. The reverse was also found to be true. Those individuals in a hostile relationship had slower wound healing capacity.

    Scientists believe this phenomenon is due to the pro-inflammatory cytokinens released when a person was sad, lonely or the subject of abuse. But the presence of this compound was found to be much lower in people who were in love.

    There are Different Ways to Be in Love

    Though the studies I’ve cited looked at the health benefits of love in coupledom, you can reap these benefits in your life even if you are single. Because we don’t need a romantic partner to feel in love. We can feel “in love” with our friends, family, pets and even ourselves. We can, if we’re lucky, feel totally and completely in love with our life.

    So this month I want you not to focus on love so much in a romantic way, but find ways you can feel intense love every day of your life, no matter what your relationship status is.

    Every day look for the things in your life that you’re grateful for. Find ways you can show the people in your life how much you love and appreciate them.

    Being in love means being in a state of love – you can be a living state of love, which is a divine expression of the creator.

    Start with yourself. Find ways to love yourself more, because if you don’t truly love yourself, you can’t truly love another.

    The more filled with love you are for yourself, the more love you have to give. The more you have to give, the more love you receive. And the beautiful cycle repeats itself. This is really being in a state of constant love. Watch your health and life improve when this happens!

    This February, commit to becoming more loving in all that you do and see. You will be amazed how your life and health will transform.

    Much love,


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    Too Late?

    You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.
    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    A famous painting portrays a dying child, his parents, and the doctor in a one-room cabin. When I’ve asked other doctors a multiple-choice question about what the painting should be named, many say “Too Late.”  Why? Because they see the doctor, chin in hand, thinking about what he could possibly do that might help the child, who is beyond help.  The parents are seen grieving in the background.

    But it isn’t too late, because the doctor could be helping the parents to survive their loss. Most of us are poorly prepared for loss. We deny it.  As children, we are often not allowed to attend funerals or discuss death.  Our pets die and are immediately replaced.

    We need to remember that it is never too late to help one another, and never too late to deal with our feelings.  Burying our losses in the ground or in our bodies doesn’t do the trick.  So help the living and don’t save the flowers for the grave.

    As long as there is someone who needs your help, it is never too late to reach out.

    - Bernie

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    Get Out of Your Own Way!

    Good morning lovely you.

    Get Out of Your Own Way!

    We may genuinely want to heal, but we subconsciously create drama and circumstances in our lives that keep us stuck in an unhealthy relationship with ourselves.

    When you find yourself facing obstacles that appear to be blocking you from healing it is important not to become cynical and discouraged.

    We can get stuck and it seems to happen for no reason so we worry and wonder why.

    There are circumstances in our subconscious preventing us from moving forward, and it can be so discouraging. I remember saying to myself sometimes when I was sick. “Why do I feel so out of control and stuck when I know better.” I knew I needed to eat well, meditate and work on forgiving and healing from within but sometimes I would get stuck and avoid doing the things I needed to do. What is that all about?

    Maybe you bought an amazing healing program that you know you must start and have never even looked at the first video. Are you making all the excuses under the sun?

    Why do we get stuck when we know we have to take better care of ourselves. If a cancer diagnosis won’t make us wake up and get our health back on track. What will?

    It is truly amazing how often we can get in our own way. Most of the time without even being aware that we are doing so. Also, even though you know you want to heal there seems to be reasons that pop up from nowhere and block us or stop us from our own efforts.

    It is because we don’t believe in ourselves that we have the power to heal?

    Is it because we are afraid to start and fail?

    Are we blocked because it seems overwhelming and too difficult to do?

    What is it that stops you from starting?

    If you know that you are standing in your own way of receiving true healing you had better wake up lovely you. Your time is now.

    This is what I do when I feel stuck and can’t move forward in a way I know will be the right way for me to heal something in my life or accomplish a goal:

    Take a piece of paper out and write down all the stuff that is in the way. All the thoughts in your head that stop you. Keep writing them down until you can’t think of another word. Recognize all of your thoughts and feelings. Read over everything on that piece of paper and then let it go. Set your intention to release the stuff holding you back and burn the pages (In a safe place, of course!) or cut them up into tiny pieces and throw them out. Now you are ready to start again with a new set of intentions. A clean slate. A new canvas.

    The fear is gone. The negative thoughts are gone. You are free to start again.

    You have instructed your subconscious mind to let it go. You are in charge now and on your way to true healing.

    No blame, No shame.

    At Prue’s Place we are healing our lives one day at a time!

    Love and light on your path today.


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    Q & A with Bernie – January 27, 2020

    Question for Bernie

    Hi. I’m fighting with drug resistance. Does your explanation of mind control in your book also work for my case too?  I have had parasites (lice and scabies) but the current medications, Permethrin and Ivermectin do not work. I have tried many other drugs including Lindane and Malathion, but they do not kill 100%, and I still have some remaining.

    I need help. I’m telling myself “I’m parasite free” every day, but I still have them. How much would the mind control be effective? If you were in my shoes, what would you do? I think the parasites developed resistance toward medications now, and I don’t have new medications to try anymore. Literally, I’m in misery.

    Bernie’s Answer

    I would visualize the treatment eliminating the parasites every few hours every day. When you believe the opposite, it does have a negative impact.

    Also, check with a Naturopathic physician, if you haven’t already, for other natural therapies that might be helpful to you. You need to believe in order to help yourself.  Look at other emotional issues in your life that might be suppressing your immune function.

    Think in terms of getting healthy and then focusing on prevention with the best diet you can have, less stress through meditation and other ways that work for you, and especially keeping your self-talk positive.  That is a big challenge for everybody, but it really is necessary to keep your immune system at its most effective.


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    Even if it is a garden you know by heart there are twelve months in the year
    and every month means a different garden, and the discovery of things unexpected all the rest of the year.

    ~ Margery Fish

    On my desk sits a calendar with the statement of the day. “No matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides.” We are all unique and full of surprises.  Life is not a bowl of cherries, but a basket of fruit.  Who knows what will come next and who you will be from one day to the next.  We need to live with a sense of surprise and be aware of the uniqueness of each day and not be surprised by that.

    I always call myself a multiple personality, but I am still surprised, at times, by who shows up.  Usually whoever shows up is fun, though there are times I have to make apologies for his behavior.  The problem is our minds and how they handle surprises.  Surprises and unexpected occurrences are all a part of life.  You are not in charge, so sit back and enjoy.

    If you are a multiple personality, like most of us, someone in there knows how to handle the next surprise you encounter.


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