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    - Bernie

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    You can tell the man who rings true from the man who rings false, not by his deeds alone, but also his desires.
    ~ Democritus

    “What would I do now?”

    We have a prayer bowl at home that gives off beautiful tones when it is rubbed or struck.  I wish that we as people could ring true like that bowl.  When we are struck by one of life’s happenings do we ring true?  Do we live up to the sermons we deliver?

    I always know when something doesn’t ring true.  Like the feeling I have when I discover that a marriage counselor has been divorced five times or when I see a fitness consultant taking a cigarette break. I want the people I deal with to live their message.  I am not criticizing, I just want honesty.  I demand it of myself and expect it of others.

    The next time something or someone doesn’t feel quite right to you, listen for the sound of the ring.  Is it true? Check to see if your actions ring true. I ask myself, “What would I do now?” Ask yourself the same question!


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    Read My Mind

    Intuition is a spiritual faculty
    and does not explain, but simply
    points the way.

    ~ Florence Scovel Shinn

    The other day I wanted to groom our four cats, bathe our dog, clip their toenails, and brush their teeth.  As soon as I thought about doing it, our dog went to the other end of the house to hide.  Then our most fearful cat jumped off the sofa and hid under the furniture.  They were able to read my thoughts.  I had no equipment out and hadn’t picked anyone up at that point.  I was just thinking about it.

    I have no doubt that we can read each other’s minds and communicate without speaking.  I test the animals by thinking different things as I approach them.  When they are aware that I have no intention of grooming them, they lie in my path and I have to step over them.  But if I walk into the room thinking about something they don’t want, like a trip to the vet, they are gone.  Two outdoor cats didn’t show up for a week when I made a vet appointment for their annual checkup.  When I canceled the appointment they showed up for breakfast THE NEXT DAY.

    Sometimes we block our intuitive abilities and take our antennas down, because as humans we talk only in words.  Animals have many ways of communicating, using sounds, images, or intuition.  Like them we need to become more aware of our other sources of communication.

    Remember to be open to listening and speaking without words.


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    Are Your Perspectives Too Tight?

    Hello Lovely You!

    Here are some ways you can begin to gain some fresh, new perspectives about your life.

    My tea is steaming and little Zuzu is sleeping. It’s time for some A-ha moments!

    When was the last time you had an A-ha moment? A-ha moments are gifts from the Universe. When they happen, they feel as if something divine and holy tapped us on the head, making our vision suddenly clearer. In that moment we instantly “get” something we didn’t understand just a moment before.

    A-ha moments change our perspective about things, and with this change in perspective, or change of mind, our lives are changed.

    Imagine if we could do something that would help us have more of these A-ha moments. Imagine how are lives, relationships, health, and financial situation could improve from this new clarity.

    You don’t have to wait for divine inspiration to tap you on the head. You can decide to change your own perspective to gain clarity. You can change your perspective about any number of things in your life, and once you do – look out!

    Are Your Perspectives Too Tight?

    Perspectives, ideas, beliefs… however you want to think of them… are a bit like shoes.

    When you were little, you wore baby shoes. Eventually you grew out of those and got bigger shoes. And year after year you kept growing out of your shoes, and year after year you got new ones that fit you well and helped you get around.

    Imagine if you were forced to wear your baby shoes as a grown adult. They’d fit around your big toes and the rest of your foot would be exposed to the elements, exposed to broken pieces of glass in the road, ice, snow, rain. If you were forced to wear your baby shoes you wouldn’t get very far.

    How far are your current perspectives taking you? Do they still fit? Or have you been wearing these same old perspectives for years and years, unable to recognize that they are too tight and doing you more harm than good?

    How is it that most people are aware they have outgrown their clothes, shoes, hairstyles, and living room furniture but they have NO IDEA that their perspectives on their life are old, tattered, shabby and out of date?

    Fresh perspectives are incredibly important when we are facing big challenges such as a major health crisis. Cancer changes everything. Problems often seem insurmountable until we gain a new perspective.

    Let this new year, 2020, be a time when you take stock of the perspectives you have and decide which should stay and which need updating.

    As we know here at Prue’s Place some changes are good for us because our lives may have needed to change.

    5 Ways You Can Begin Changing Your Perspective

    Changing your perspective will take a bit of effort. When you consider the effort we all put into updating our iPhones and other tech gadgets, I think you’ll agree our perspectives deserve as much if not more.

    Here are some ways you can begin to gain some fresh, new perspectives about your life:

    1. Be Honest With Yourself

    Before you can change you must realize the need for change, and to do that, you must be 100% honest about your life. That’s actually one of the blessings about being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, you are forced to take an honest look at yourself, your life choices, your needs and your habits. Be open to the idea that your old ideas and mindsets helped you to land where you are right now and allow yourself the freedom to explore new options.

    2. Put Yourself in New Situations

    Doing the same old thing day in and day out is NOT going to help you gain fresh perspectives. If you’ve always been an introvert, push yourself to get out more. Join a club, volunteer, try and meet new people. Read more books, watch more documentaries, travel if you can. The more ‘newness” you can be around, the more able you will be the create new mindsets.

    3. Remove Toxic Influences

    Mind changes must be done in a positive environment. Now is the time to step away from all negativity in your life. Stop watching the news or reading the paper, stop gossiping and being around others who only like to tear things and people down. Stop the negative chatter in your own mind and replace it with positive talk.

    4. Use Your Imagination

    Imagine how life looks, feels and seems from other people’s perspectives. How do they act? What makes them act like that? Maybe you see the same person at chemo treatment and they are always smiling and laughing. Imagine being them for a moment. What life perspective do they have that allows them to feel joy inside the darkness?

    Imagine thinking, feeling and seeing things in a more positive way. The more you do it, the more your imagined states of being become your natural ways of being.

    5. Spend Quiet Time with Yourself

    Whether it’s by meditation or simply taking a quiet walk in nature, it’s important that you quiet yourself as much as possible. A-ha moments tend to come during quiet moments.

    Your life can be anything you want it to be. Literally. But you have to think it is something before it can be that something. Take a good, honest look at your entire life and see if you have some perspectives that don’t fit any more. Then, use these strategies to gain some new, fresh perspectives that will help you create a healthier, happier, more abundant life.

    Prue thought of the day: ”It’s time to change things up, and create the grandest vision of your life. Remember, you will become what you believe.”

    Love you,


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    Guns aren’t lawful; nooses give;
    Gas smells awful; you might as well live.

    ~ Dorothy Parker

    Many years ago a dear friend of mine told me he was very depressed and dealing with many problems.  One day when his wife left the house to go shopping, he decided to commit suicide.  He went to the garage to start his car and planned to sit there and inhale the exhaust, but he couldn’t get the car started.  So he called AAA.  When the service man arrived and asked what the problem was, what could he say: “I am trying to commit suicide and the damn car won’t start”?

    Another friend with AIDS decided he would commit suicide and not have to face his disease.  He went out to the garage and started his car with no trouble.  But after an hour or two he realized you don’t die if you have a diesel; you just get filthy.

    Both of these men went on living full lives.  The compassion of the AAA serviceman changed my friend’s life.  The man sensed a problem and stayed with him until his wife came home.  My friend with AIDS went back in the house, bathed, cleaned up, and decided to get a new wardrobe and redecorate his house.  He found a new life and is doing fine.

    Give your life a charge, start it up, and put your foot on the accelerator.


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    How to Avoid Thanksgiving Family Politics

    Hello Lovely You,

    Here we are on Thanksgiving morning with only a few hours to go before we meet and greet our family and maybe old friends who are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. How do you feel about Thanksgiving? Are you prepared and ready to take on the challenge? Maybe you are excited to see everyone again, or perhaps you are worried about what might happen when your family has different political viewpoints.

    Today, I thought I’d share some tips to help you make this Thanksgiving the best ever.  Start the day out with great intentions.

    How To Avoid Thanksgiving Family Politics

    I know some of us are dreading Thanksgiving dinner as we face our families after emotionally charged political disagreements over the last year. How do you avoid Thanksgiving Family Politics?

    I heard from a friend that she banned her family members from Facebook because of their political views and she is scared to go home for Thanks Giving. She wants to see her family, she loves them but not sure how they will treat her.

    So, how do we face our families when there have been emotionally charged disagreements over politics. Let’s start with three things kindness, diplomacy and ground rules. You need a strategy!

    Nine tips for a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner.

    1. Kindness
    Learn how to change the subject and maneuver the conversation to something simple – like how beautiful Aunt Jackie’s pumpkin pie looks.

    2. Set some ground rules for the dinner table
    You were taught not to put your elbows and feet on the table and not to talk with your mouthful. Consider giving your family a heads-up that political discussions and arguing about politics aren’t allowed at the table. Tell everyone how much you love them and that you won’t tolerate political arguing especially in front of the children. Be prepared with some great conversation topics and funny family stories so the chatter won’t veer off course.

    3. Breath and become centered before the dinner starts
    Pass around old photos of the kids. Talk about work and what you are doing that you love. Keep things light, find common ground and steer the conversation.

    4. Children
    Let the kids talk up a storm about their lives and what they have achieved and love to do. Talk to them about Thanks Giving and what it all means. Tell stories.

    5. Show how grateful you are.
    Keep the energy high with gratefulness. Share your feelings of how much you love everyone. This high energy you bring to the table will help alleviate the intense negative emotions of others. Talk about why you are all together? What does it mean? Ask your family to share what they are thankful for this holiday season. Do a meditation together. Say a pray. Bless your food. Say grace. Start the dinner with loving intention.

    6. Plan an activity to keep people focused.
    Invite everyone to watch some old family movies or get out in the yard and play flag football. Have a jigsaw puzzel ready to put together. Cards or games are great to bring people together. Charades is one of my favorites. Go for a long walk after dinner.

    7. Try the $1.00 or maybe $5.00 jar thingy!!
    Whenever someone mentions Trump or a candidate running for office, or something about politics they have to pay up. Place a jar in a prominent position where people cannot avoid it. Any time someone slips up yell out, Pay Up! There may be a significant amount of cash in that jar after the day is over so buy yourself something special or donate it to charity.

    8. Use humor to diffuse any arguments.
    You can’t be mad if you’re laughing. You can’t be fearful if you are in gratitude. Tell funny stories and jokes. Show some silly YouTube Videos.

    9. What if all fails
    You’ve tried your best, and the jar is over flowing with cash! All the tips in the world are not working, and you find your family sitting in awkward silence or worse they are arguing. What do you do? I don’t believe you have to tolerate this situation. If it were me, I would walk out refresh my drink and step outside for a breath of fresh air or go for a walk on my own.

    You don’t have to put up with it. Family can be wonderful, and a giant pain in the you know what! We don’t get to pick our family like we get to choose our friends. Do your best that is all you can do and remember you are free to leave the house at any time. Take a drive, go for a walk or catch a movie.

    There is always more wine or another piece of pie!! Maybe both. Maybe not!

    You’ve got this!

    Many blessings,



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    We are called upon not to be successful, but to be faithful.
    ~ Mother Teresa

    We are all on an errand for humanity.  We are not sent here to destroy, but to build and create.  We have to ask ourselves how our individual presence can change the course of humanity for the good.

    If we change, humanity changes.  It is not necessary to be the CEO of a major company or the president or prime minister of a powerful country to complete this errand.  We just have to look at what is before us and start right where we are.  We need to see where we can help, and then act in a way that fulfills our personal errand for humanity.

    Every act has its effects, from tossing garbage on the roadside to loving thy neighbor.  When you make a decision or take an action, ask yourself, “How will this affect humanity?”

    How do you plan to fulfill your errand to humanity?


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    Fighting Cancer? Why You MUST Get More Sleep

    Good morning lovely, you!

    Sleep must be on your list of things to improve as we climb the cancer healing mountain. Today we are going up higher and higher learning all about why you MUST get more sleep when you are fighting cancer.

    I am sipping my steaming cup of tea, watching my little ZuZu taking her thirdnap of the day. And it’s only 9:00AM. If only all of us could sleep as peacefully as cats, we’d all feel much better.

    Sleep is obviously important for everyone. But when you are fighting cancer, it is CRUCIAL to your recovery. In fact, studies have shown repeatedly that how well you sleep will determine how well your body is able to fight cancer.

    But, while cancer patients are the ones who require the best sleep, they are often the very ones that have the hardest time getting that sleep. Why is this?

    According to researchers from Stanford University sleep problems often occur when there is an imbalance of at least two hormones that influence cancer cells. One of these hormones is cortisol, which helps to regulate your immune system’s activity. This activity includes the release of certain “natural killer” cells that help you to fight cancer.

    The cortisol levels in your body typically peak after dawn, after you have hopefully achieved 8 hours of sleep. These levels taper off throughout the day.

    Studies have shown that shift workers and those people who wake repeatedly throughout the night have a greater chance of “shifted cortisol rhythm’ and therefore a greater risk of developing certain cancers.

    The second hormone affected by sleep patterns is melatonin. Melatonin is produced by your brain during sleep. We think of melatonin as the chemical that helps us GET to sleep. While it does play an important role in our body clocks and sleep patterns, melatonin has been found to also exhibit powerful antioxidant properties that can help ward off cell damage.

    A lack of sleep leads to a decrease in the production of melatonin, which makes it harder to get into a regular sleep cycle, which makes it harder to produce melatonin, which makes it harder to stay healthy… and the vicious cycle continues.

    How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep when you are fighting Cancer

    When it comes to cancer self-help, getting enough quality sleep should absolutely be a priority. And doing so can be fairly simple, if you allow yourself.

    You see, many people fighting cancer take on a lot of guilt and worry. Not only are they worried about their own future, they are worried about the burden they are putting on their family.

    I know all-too-well how our minds can keep us up all night. The dark thoughts that continuously flow through our mind are like little demons, mocking us and keeping us awake.

    It’s important to manage your stress so you can get the quality sleep your body needs. I know it is not easy. Again, I have been EXACTLY where you are. I had to finally take control over my own mind so I could calm down enough to get to sleep and stay asleep. This required me to begin meditation.

    Meditation is so incredibly powerful for multiple reasons. First, the very act of breathing deeply and stilling the mind brings an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility. You almost can’t help falling asleep when you feel this peaceful inside.

    Second, meditation gets you in touch with a higher power. You can call that higher power God, the Universe, your higher self, angels… It doesn’t matter what human words you attach to it, what’s important is that you engage with this higher power. Once you become aware that there is a divine and loving creator in whose image you were created, then you know you yourself have the power to shape your world, your life and your destiny. This realization is powerful to say the least, and certainly calms down the anxious chatter many cancer patients experience at night.

    Beyond getting your mind and stress under control, here are some other ways you can help yourself get a better night’s sleep:

    Get Comfortable

    Many cancer patients experience hot flashes and night sweats and need to make their environment as comfortable as possible. Keep the temperature in your bedroom low and choose bedding that keeps you cool and dry. Your body may also hurt all over, so you may need to get a better mattress.

    Maintain a Sleep Routine

    It’s important that you train your body to get on and stay on a sleep cycle. This means going to bed at the same time each night, even on weekends. Also, it’s a good idea to follow a pre-sleep routine each night that will help put your body and mind in the right mood. This can mean taking a warm bath, listening to calming music, meditating or reading.

    Do NOT look at electronics before going to bed. The blue light emitted from electronics throws off your circadian rhythms.

    Watch What You Eat

    It’s best not to eat right before bed. Try and end eating 2 hours before bedtime and limit foods that may cause heartburn or indigestion. Even healthy fruits and veggies can cause excess acid, and laying down with this going on is not a great idea.

    I can’t stress enough how important it is to get a good night’s sleep when you are fighting cancer. Your body needs sleep now to help you get well.

    Sending light, love and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs



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    Chemo Crossroad

    Dear everyone,

    To celebrate 10 years as a breast cancer survivor, one of my readers, Martha, created a short poetry film based on her spoken word piece entitled Chemo Crossroad. She encouraged me to “share with anyone who might find encouragement from my experience” and wants to share it “far and wide.” Please watch it for inspiration about the strength within us all.

    Click the image to view the video or visit https://vimeo.com/363997262


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    Phone-in Support Group

    Hi Everyone,

    I m thinking of starting a phone-in support group for people with cancer and other physical issues. I can pick a day and time and supply the call in number and code number.  I am sending this out see what you think about that. If you have thoughts about the idea, please leave a comment below.


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    Don’t Feed the Monster Anymore

    Good morning Lovely You,

    Let’s have tea. I’m ready to write.

    Are there wounds that you need to heal with family or friends this holiday season? What wound do you carry around with you day after day that is weighing you down? We all have wounds they are either emotional or physical. Perhaps both because emotional wounds can cause physical wounds.

    What are the reasons you carry around your wounds?

    Why can’t you heal them?

    Sometimes we think we have healed our wounds and then all of a sudden they appear out of nowhere. Maybe we suppressed them and have been living in denial for years. Something happens in our lives, and the old wounds rear their ugly heads.

    The deepest wounds often come from our childhood. These deep wounds affect the way we see the world and ourselves. I know I have struggled with deep childhood wounds, and the wounds I carried around with me changed my personality and my life.

    I never thought I was good enough and became a shy and withdrawn child. I would get very embarrassed and blush frequently. My mother would tease me about my blushing, and that would make things even worse. I lived in fear and had anxiety attacks.

    My mother was an Opera singer – a prima donna. Growing up, my mother had to be the center of attention, and she attracted countless people (fans) in her life that would praise her constantly. She would spend hours doing her makeup and hair and had to have her dresses made by a seamstress so that no one else would have her exact outfit.

    I would be criticized continuously for my hair and clothing. My mother would say things like, “How can I show my face in town with you dressed this way.” Yet at gatherings of her friends, she would dress me up and parade me around bragging about her “amazing beautiful daughter.” She never did or said these things to me in private. As I grew up into a young woman, things got worse. My mother would rummage through my room and read my letters and journal. One day I asked her why she was snooping around in my personal items, and this is what she said, ” I don’t want you getting pregnant at a young age as I did. You ruined my singing career. I wanted a boy anyway to keep the family name. ”

    I remember one of my visits to New Zealand, I was in my late 30′s and a stage 4 cancer survivor. I had immigrated to America, bought my own home, and had a successful Business Consulting career in Boston. My mother said to me, “Prue, why didn’t you develop your singing voice like me? You’ve wasted your whole life. You will never amount to anything. You have always been such a disappointment to your father and me.”

    This statement was very hurtful but I knew how to deal with it this time.

    My father had died years before. He was killed by a young driver as he crossed the street, so my dear dad didn’t have a chance to share his side of the story. My saving grace that day was I knew deep down in my soul that my father would be very proud of my accomplishments. I didn’t react to mother’s statement like I normally did. I didn’t feel sorry for myself. I went to the whispers within and heard my father’s words loud and clear. I felt my feelings and let them go.

    Your wounds don’t have to hurt you anymore. The first thing to do is to look at the wound and understand where it is coming from. Wounds help you become resilient and strong. Don’t keep your wounds in the dark as I did for many years, let them come out so you can have a good hard look at them.

    It’s all about loving yourself enough to take a good look at yourself.

    6 Things to do to start healing your wounds:

    1. Tap into your intuition and pay attention to what you need to heal. Ideas and clues will come out as whispers, feelings, and thoughts. Write them down and take a look at the words. Never ignore your emotions or push them down because this will shut you down from your true beautiful self.

    2. Be careful of self-talk that sounds like self-pity or victim talk. Watch out for anger and dark mood swings. Also, the way you talk to yourself will affect people close to you. People you love. Be strong and change your thoughts mid-stream.

    3. Find loving words to say to yourself to bring you back to peace and harmony. Don’t ever hide who you are. Your vulnerabilities are beautiful. They are the things that wake you up in the night, the feelings you feel that not a soul in the world knows about. The fragile parts of you need to be seen and loved. Don’t cover them up with denial and anger. It causes dis-ease.

    4. Learn to forgive. We all get it wrong sometimes, and we do stupid things that hurt the people we love. When you’re the one who has been hurt, acknowledge it and feel hurt or angry, but don’t use your hurt or anger in a way to keep the power or take control. Let it go.

    5. Perfection: Is perfection weighing you down? We are all far from perfect. Perfection is an illusion and can hold us back from our goals and dreams. We can’t be perfect at everything, so why try. Let it go.

    6. Other people can love you when you let them. Loving yourself first will attract more love into your life. Chances are you’ve had enough criticism and judgment in your life so don’t feed that monster anymore.

    Prue’s thought of the day: ”When you don’t love yourself enough, your inner monster will let you know! Tune in and listen to the whispers.”

    Love you,


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