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    Stop giving sermons and lectures. Be an example by living them.

    - Bernie

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  • Getting on the Road to Good Habits

    Hello Lovely You,

    As I sip my tea with little Zuzu lightly snoring next to me, I’m thinking about some changes I need to make in my lifestyle that have become habits.

    We need to change our lifestyle for a lifetime and that is challenging. When we give something up or make a change, we are breaking a habit or addiction and we can find ourselves missing it like a lost friend.

    We, humans, are creatures of habit, and that is why we seek out people, places, and things that remind us of our past or make us feel comfortable. Many of our decisions are based on our history and may not be the healthiest of lifestyles for us now. I know there are many things you have moved away from to heal your life, and I’m sure you miss some of those things but you’re smart enough to know they were not right for you, so you had to endure a time of difficulty to release them. You did it because you love yourself and want to be well.

    Is there something else you need to do to get on the road to good habits?

    I know it’s not easy to change things about your lifestyle but the rewards of a better quality of life without the fear, guilt, pain, and suffering of that habit will be so gratifying.

    You will know when it is time to let go of a habit, and please give your mind, body, and heart time to adjust to the new way of living. It will adapt as it did before as long as you stay focused and believe in your vision of a new healthier and mindful way to live.

    Prue’s quote of the day: ”When we change our lifestyle we will live a better quality of life for a lifetime.”

    Have a wonderful weekend, and please give some deep thought to what I wrote about here today.

    Baby steps will get you on the road to good habits.

    Love you,



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    Dear All,

    As we head into the traditional fall-winter Holiday Season, once again we think about Family as the anchor keeping us safe from drifting out of sight. But, at some point we come of age and become the captain of our own life, and the first thing we want to do is pull up anchor and sail to the uncertain seas of life’s lessons, and start making our own decisions and choices about what is most important to us and to the well being of the family,

    Now, looking back over decades helping patients take an active role in their cancer treatment and recovery, regaining the sense of empowerment which can be lost during treatment, I realized that they taught me something invaluable—how to really listen, sometimes it’s called active listening.

    I chose poetry to express my thoughts because it can help us see something familiar in a different way.


    the gift of their existence
    the pain of their difficulties
    that love which cannot be equaled
    nor the pain of being one with another
    Father’s Day
    the gift of creation
    our children
    their children
    the future
    beyond understanding
    to be a creator
    for eternity

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    Pranic Healing

    Hello lovely you and welcome to Prue’s Place Daily.

    I’m home after a few sunny days relaxing and walking the beautiful white beaches in Florida. We got plenty of Vitamin D and slept to the sound of the ocean. It was a great get-a-way. Little Zuzu was so excited to see us. A big thank you to Mercy, who takes excellent care of her while we are away.

    My tea is steaming, and I’m ready to write.

    The Pineal Gland Series Continues:

    We’ve been talking about the importance of your pineal gland and how it can help not only your physical health, but also your spiritual health. I wanted to end this series by talking about Pranic Healing, which is something that combines your physical body and spiritual or energetic body to bring about balance and healing.

    I am actually certified in Pranic healing, and during my training, they taught us all about the pineal gland. The masters I learned from call the pineal gland the “Blue Pearl.”

    Siddha yoga guru, Swami Muktananda, referred to the blue pearl as “the light that illuminates the mind, that illuminates everything.” Other enlightened ones have said that the blue pearl contains the entire universe and divinity within the individual. We were instructed to meditate upon the blue pearl within to experience our true selves and our real potential. This is the first step to becoming a Pranic healer.

    What is Pranic Healing, Exactly?

    A time will come when science will make tremendous advances, not because of better instruments for discovering things, but because a few people will have at their command great spiritual powers, which at the present are seldom used. Within a few centuries, the art of spiritual healing will be increasingly developed and universally used.”

    • Gustaf Stromberg, scientist, astronomer, author

    Prana is the Sanskrit word for lifeforce. You may have heard the Chinese refer to this lifeforce energy as ‘chi.’ From this force, everything is created. To change something that has been created, such as a disease, you don’t do it through physical means but through energetic or spiritual means.

    Pranic healing is a natural healing system that uses prana to heal illness. Someone can use Pranic healing on you, and you can use it on yourself. It is truly empowering.

    Have You Ever Met Your Own Lifeforce?

    You are reading this blog post, so you know you are alive. But are you filled with your own life force? You were as a child. That’s why so many people love being around small children, because they are full to the brim of a special divine energy; they are filled with their lifeforce.

    But we get to a certain age and everyday life sucks our life force right out of us. We become filled with a kind of fake energy. Kind of like the difference between the energy we feel after 2 cups of coffee vs the energy we feel after a great night of sleep. One is real, one is fake.

    Everything is Made of Energy

    While your body and the world around you looks solid, everything is actually made of energy and all of this energy is vibrating at different frequencies. The interesting thing about energy is, it cannot be created or destroyed – it can only be transformed.

    Think about that.

    Not only does this mean your lifeforce goes on after death, but it also means that while still alive, you can transform negative energy into positive energy; dis-ease into health. Once you truly understand that your body is not really physical like you think it is but energetic, you begin to recognize the power of Pranic HEALING which is ENERGY healing. Transform your energy, transform your health and life!

    The chakras are the energy centers of your body and your pineal gland is the top crown chakra. It acts like a sensor – sensing the prana or energy in everything. Through meditation and experimentation, you will become more aware of your own energy and the energy in all things.

    Getting Started with Pranic Healing at Home

    Trained Pranic healers do not use their own energy to heal others; they access and transmit universal energy to their patient using specific frequencies and techniques for specific diseases and conditions. Nobody else can really heal your body, but your body can heal itself. Think about it: surgeons can cut parts out and ER docs can put a cast on a broken arm, but they do NOT heal you, your body heals all by itself. This is lifeforce energy or prana at work. Tapping into Prana taps into your body’s innate ability to heal itself at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

    While I encourage you to find a certified Pranic healer in your area to work with, you can actually get started by yourself at home.

    The first thing we are taught in Pranic healing is that without lifeforce or life energy, no healing can take place. So where do we get this lifeforce energy from? Well of course, from the one divine source and creator, but it comes to us via different channels: the food we eat, the sun, air and earth, and also from the people in our lives.

    Get the 4 most important things you can do for your own energetic healing here:

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    Wish Upon a Start

    You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.

    ~ Richard Bach

    One of my favorite songs speaks of wishing upon a star.  It tells us that it does not matter who you are, you will still obtain your heart’s desire.  I know that when our hearts are one with our dreams, nothing is impossible.  As the song says, “Everything your heart desires will come to you.”

    What would be the purpose of dreaming, if dreams never came true?  They are not fantasy; they are goals we need to reach out for.  I am talking of the dreams of the heart of which the song lyrics speak.  If your heart is in your dreams, you cannot be dreaming the wrong dreams, and you will have the power to make them come true.

    Never stop dreaming the dreams of your heart’s desires.


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    Our Will is Powerful Whether We Want to Live or Die

    Good morning, lovely you!

    I was in Miami last week at the funeral of a young 37-year-old woman, who decided many months ago to sabotage her precious life. I knew this young woman, and it was a somber farewell. She had everything she could ever want for in this life and some. Her father would have bought her the world if she asked for it. Unfortunately, she decided she didn’t want to live, so there was absolutely NOTHING we could do to help her. Love, caring, support, all the money in the world, NOTHING anyone could do to change her destiny.

    It didn’t matter how many private therapy sessions, holistic programs – mindfulness courses or prescriptions. There was nothing anyone could do to change her mind. She didn’t want to live.

    Our WILL is powerful, whether we want to live or die. We are all masters of our own destiny.

    It was a Jewish funeral, and a metaphysical spiritualist gave the Eulogy. That would be me. After the service, the Rabbi came up to me and complimented me on a fantastic speech. This young women’s father and sister told me I caught their daughter/sister’s essence so well They told me I was in the wrong profession and needed to be a motivational speaker. A friend of the deceased who attended the funeral called his friend in Boston who trains people for Ted Talks and put my name forward. Is this a sign? Maybe I need to do more public speaking engagements. I am willing to open up my heart and let spirit guide the way.​

    This is how I ended my eulogy:

    Please repeat “Karen, We Let You Go” after each line:

    Into the freedom of wind and sunshine,

    “Karen, we let you go.”

    Into the dance of the stars and the planets

    “Karen, we let you go.”

    Into the wind’s breath and the hands of the star maker

    “Karen, we let you go.”

    We love you, we miss you, we want you to be happy

    “Karen, we let you go.”

    Go safely, go dancing, go running home

    “Karen, we let you go.”

    Today, we know you are intertwined with the Infinite spirit and for this:

    “Karen, we let you go.”

    Karen, you are free to soar above the oceans and sky.

    Fly high with the angels and let God shower you with love.

    Peace be with you.

    We continue today with our series: Finding Enlightenment

    How is your journey toward obtaining enlightenment for healing going? Though none of us will probably ever reach the kind of enlightenment ancient masters reached, we can still gain a wealth of wisdom that will help us transform our health and the rest of our lives.

    But I know the path toward enlightenment is riddled with stones and tree roots, just waiting for us to trip on. I have tripped and fallen many times myself. There is nothing to be ashamed of about falling. The key is to get up, dust yourself off, and keep going toward the light.

    In my experience and the experience of many people I’ve spoken to over the years, there are some common roadblocks to enlightenment, and I’m going to share some of those with you now.

    Click here to find out more

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    The Power of Words

    The power of words isn’t reserved just for writers and poets—in today’s healthcare environment, it is more important than ever to have good communication with your doctors.  Here are some thoughts that can help you manage communication with your doctor effectively as a “partner” in your own health care.
    - Bernie

    The Power of Words

    Most doctors are not trained to communicate and understand the power of their words, as they relate to a patient’s ability and desire to survive. Doctors are not the only authority figures who impact patients’ lives and their ability to survive a diagnosis of a disease. Parents, teachers, and clergy, like physicians, also have the ability to change lives with their words. It can be hypnotic for a child or patient to hear an authority figure’s words. As I am fond of saying, “wordswordswords” can become “swordswordswords,” and doctors have the ability to cure with “words” or kill with “swords.”

    Up to the age of six, a child’s brain wave pattern is similar to that of a hypnotized individual. To quote a woman I know, whose mother gave her only failure messages and dressed her in dark colors, and who as an adult has more trouble with her mother’s words than she does with cancer, “My mother’s words were eating away at me and maybe gave me cancer.” We know from recent studies that loneliness affects the genes which control the immune system. So it is incumbent upon doctors to ask the right questions and know what patients have experienced and are experiencing in their lives.

    I recently received two emails; one from a woman who had a recurrence of her cancer and had decided to not undergo chemotherapy again. Her doctor told her, “Then you might as well go home and commit suicide.” The other email came from a woman who asked her doctor if they could become a team. He told her no and that he was the doctor and in charge of her care. She packed her belongings, walked out of the hospital, and has found a caring oncologist with which to work. She is a survivor and not a submissive, sufferer, or from the doctor’s perspective, a “so-called” good patient.

    Doctors need to listen to their patients’ words and treat their experiences. Helen Keller said it very well when she stated, “Deafness is darker by far than blindness.” Doctors also need to understand that patients do not live a disease — they live an experience. Doctors need to ask how patients would describe their experience and then treat them accordingly. The words patients use, like draining, failure, denial, pressure, gift and wake-up call are always about what is happening in their lives. So doctors can help patients to heal their lives and improve the chances of curing their disease.

    I did a great deal of children’s surgery earlier in my career. When I meet many of these children today, as young adults, I am amazed at how vivid their memories are. It is obvious how important this event was to them and the details they recall. I learned how powerful my words were when I began to notice children falling asleep as we wheeled them into the operating room. One boy turned onto his stomach and fell asleep as we entered the O.R. I turned him over on the operating table and he said, “What are you doing? —–You told me I would go to sleep in the operating room and I sleep on my stomach.” I replied, “I needed to operate on his stomach to get to his appendix.” So we reached a compromise.

    Often I would rub an alcohol sponge on a child’s arm and tell them it would numb his or her skin. A third of the children would not feel the needle and ask why other doctors didn’t do that. I called it deceiving people into health. Give someone who has faith in you a placebo and call it a hair growing pill, anti-nausea pill, or whatever, and you will be amazed at how many respond to your therapy.

    Doctor Milton Erickson, from his childhood experience with polio and hearing his doctor’s dire predictions to his mother that he wouldn’t see the sun rise, knew how important words were. As a child his anger led him to defy the doctor’s predictions. As a psychiatrist, and hypnotherapist, he knew how to talk to patients to achieve the best outcome. There are many books about his work. One by Dr. Sidney Rosen is entitled My Voice Will Go with You. And our voices do. At the conclusion of an operation, while patients were still under anesthesia, a time when they hear their surgeon’s words, I would say, “You will awaken comfortable, thirsty and hungry.” I did that until I noticed many of my patients were gaining weight, and so I added these words, “but you won’t finish everything on your plate.”

    One last story: Erickson would write in a patient’s chart and then excuse himself and leave the room. Of course he expected the patient would get up and go look at what he had written, so he would write, “Doing well.”

    So give your family mottoes to live by such as “Do what makes you happy” so they pay attention to their feelings and keep an open mind about the future. And don’t be afraid to remind your doctor that his or her words have the ability to hurt, but also more importantly, to heal.


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    Your Nature

    For in the nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.
    - Martin Luther

    The next time your family complains about your behavior, you tell them, “That’s my nature.” That ought to get them off your back, and if you keep acting up long enough, they will eventually stop complaining. Of course, what they say behind your back won’t be very nice!

    Why are we so resistant to having a second nature? Why not learn from others and change our behavior? Qualities that are useful in the business world lead to a higher rate of divorce and employee turnover. Why can’t our nature be one of kindness and willingness to change?

    Nature is kind, though it has its stormy moments and its seasons. If we imitate nature, we can still be our true selves rather than protecting our artificial nature with statements that are excuses, explain nothing, and display our rigidity and unwillingness to come out from behind the wall and expose our real nature.

    Let nature takes its true course with you.

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    Are You the Leader of Your Life?

    Hello lovely you,

    Are you the leader of your life?

    Are you feeling relaxed, present and balanced today?

    Are you breathing deeply and evenly?

    This is my favorite breathing exercise: Take a deep breath in and let your belly expand for the count of 5 – hold for 7 counts – let the breath out slowly for 8 – repeat. It feels so good.

    It is indeed no secret that your mindset can totally affect the outcome of your life. We know that the way we think about ourselves and the world around us can drastically change our future.

    Do you feel abundant today?

    Get in the right mindset. Say to yourself right now. “I love and approve of myself, and I accept abundance into my life.”

    “I am abundant.”

    “I am abundant.”

    “I am abundant.”

    Here are 5 things to an abundant life:

    1. Find happiness no matter what circumstances are in your life.

    2. Forgive those who have hurt you.

    3. Create memorable and meaningful life experiences.

    4. Feel confident in your life choices.

    5, Take risks and just do what feels good deep within.

    With love,

    Prue - https://www.pruesplace.com

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    Q & A with Bernie – October 7, 2019

    Question for Bernie:

    Dear Bernie,

    I hope you are keeping really well. I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I am enjoying and learning from your book, Love, Medicine & Miracles. I bought two copies—one for my dad who is currently having chemo and radiotherapy for esophageal cancer. He had been doing well, but the radiotherapy is really making him depressed. He’s not reading the book! I have many of your audios so I know your voice well as I take heed of your messages.

    I don’t have cancer, but I did have Crohns disease for almost 10 years. I have been well for 13 years! I knew I brought it on myself, but learning to love myself has been my mission for many years and especially now… as I’m still not there, but more or less stressed with work (a workaholic) and now my business is in decline, which is sad and also stressful in itself.

    So I am finally preparing myself to make some life changes purely to help me love myself and stop trying to please people! I deserve this. Your book is a really great wake up call–thank you so much for writing it.

    As for my dad, I do try to encourage him to find reasons to heal! He said the other day that he didn’t think the radiotherapy was working. I tried to convince him otherwise. He has just two weeks left to go, and then three months break!

    Thank you Bernie! So happy I can email you :-)

    From South London, UK

    Bernie’s Answer:

    Have your dad draw himself receiving radiation and any other therapies. If his drawing looks like he’s in a terrible place—a kind of hell, explain that is why he is having side effects.

    There are patients I know who have no side effects. They “get out of the way and let it go to my tumor,” as one patient told me with confidence. Others have side effects when not receiving therapy due to medical errors.

    Have your dad visualize several times a day that he is receiving treatment and doing beautifully. Then his body will believe and do well.


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    The Power of Words

    Good morning lovely you,

    What words are living rent free in your head this morning?

    The power of words.

    Never underestimate the power of what you say and what you allow yourself to believe.

    Did someone speak about you recently in a way that made you think badly about yourself, and did you take their words to heart?

    If we are not aware of the power of words, we find ourselves re-thinking what others have said and we make them our truth.

    People chatter away and don’t even know what they are saying half the time, and we allow them space in our head. We all do it. I know I do it and sometimes I don’t realize that I have taken on other people’s thoughts and still thinking about them hours after they said it. I let them rent very precious space in my head, for free!

    Why do we let other people’s words control our lives?

    We don’t have to believe anything other people say.

    What was said to you recently that is stuck in your head? What sentences or comments are echoing in your mind. They are not yours, so let them go and replace them with beautiful words.

    Keep saying, ”I love you _________,” say your name. ”I love you ________” until the junk in your head is gone!

    Let’s make a conscious effort today to take control of what we accept and will not accept.

    Prue’s Daily Tip: ”Choose beautiful words, wonderful words of love.”

    Love you,


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