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    Introducing Bernie Siegel's new title, Love, Animals & Miracles: Inspiring True Stories Celebrating the Healing Bond . The stories in this new book offer funny and heart-touching, true-life experiences that convey loving connections, amazing rescues, and healing with (and by) animals — both wild and domestic. Learn more     Available now in bookstores everywhere. Order your copy online today at:  Wisdom of the Ages, Barnes & NobleAmazon or New World Library.
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  • Today’s Prescription for the Soul – Prescription #122 – Getting to Know You

    I hope that my “365 Prescriptions for the Soul,” will be a welcome and healing addition to your day. The prescriptions I ask you to fill are designed for your total well-being. They come from hard-earned wisdom and experience with the difficulties of life. They are dispensed “as written” with love. At the end of each prescription is my “Soulution” to help you develop healthy self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth. Please take the prescription I have written for you here and fill it right away.

    The greatest of faults is to be conscious of none.

    ~ Thomas Carlyle, 1795-1881, Scottish Historian and Essayist

    Getting to know yourself better takes courage. It is far easier to hide behind a mask than to see yourself as you really are. There are many who think they are perfect and need not change, who think they’re the center of the universe, and they have a problem.

    If you wish to know yourself and change for the better, you need to accept your inadequacies, fears, weaknesses, mistakes, and more. If you need others present constantly to entertain and distract you, then you are afraid to be still and know yourself.

    So spend some time being totally alone and see how you feel. If you are comfortable, then I would say you are in the process of knowing yourself. Knowing yourself means being willing to be with yourself. Once you can do that, the frantic search for distraction and escape will stop ruling your life and you can choose to fill your life with the things that bring you joy.

    Soulution of the Day

    Even if it feels uncomfortable, go away with yourself
    and spend some time together getting to know yourself.
    You may find that you are great company.

    - Bernie

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  • From the Heart

    Below is a quote I would like to share from Kristine Carlson, author of From Heartbreak to Wholeness: The Hero's Journey to Joy. I will share a new quote from her website each week.

  • Your Nature

    For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and sliver.”
    ~ Martin Luther

    The next time your family complains about your behavior, just tell them “That’s my nature.” That ought to get them off your back, and if you keep acting up long enough, they will eventually stop complaining. Of course, what they say behind your back won’t be very nice!

    Why are we so resistant to having a second nature? Why not learn from others and change our behavior? Qualities that are useful in the business world lead to a high rate of divorce and employee turnover. Why can”t our nature be one of kindness and willingness to change?

    Nature is kind, though it has its stormy moments and its seasons. If we imitate nature, we can still be our true selves rather than protecting our artificial nature with statements that are excuses, explain nothing, and display our rigidity and unwillingness to come out from behind the wall and expose our real nature.

    Remember to let nature take its true course with you.

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    Q & A with Bernie – March 12, 2018

    Here is the follow-up to earlier 2016 correspondence from the sister of a patient suffering from metastatic melanoma.

    Original Question for Bernie:

    Dear Bernie:

    This is  in regards to my sister’s diagnosis

    She is starting whole brain radiation next week  I have contacted a doctor  regarding support through nutrition and I know you  help  turn the mind.  What would you recommend for her to start with this process.  I am encouraging her  and all of us to  not feel hopeless….  Thank you for your consideration.

    Bernie’s Answer:

    Get her my book Love, Medicine & Miracles to start and The Art of Healing.

    Also have her listen to some of my CDs.  One I suggest is Getting Ready to help her with therapies and to love her body and life


    Followup from her Original Question for Bernie:

    Dear Bernie:

    I just wanted to thank you for the support.  We lost my sister and we lost this battle a few months ago.

    I continue to promote the strength of inner healing.  Sometimes it is very hard.

    Kind regards to you.

    Bernie’s Reply:

    Your sister wasn’t a loser. She died as we all will.

    Look for signs around home to let you know she is okay.  Observe coincidences that connect you with her, and finding pennies from heaven, too.

    Peace & Love,

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    “The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls and looking like hard work.”
    ~ Thomas Edison

    A great deal of knowledge is available to all of us.  With the advent of the computer, one can access knowledge of all sorts without leaving home.  Does that change anything for us as individuals?  Some say yes and some no.

    What I see is the need for more than knowledge and access to it.  We need desire, intention, determination, and the energy to do what is needed.  Whether one is confronting a disease, looking for a job, or learning to play the piano, success depends on those elements.  No one else can “turn on” the needed elements.  Others can give you the knowledge and outline the skills necessary, but you have to put on the overalls.

    In any field knowledge is important.  But how the knowledge is used and how persistent one is in moving toward a goal goes way beyond what knowledge alone can do.  You may have to pass a test to show you are capable, but after the test it is what you do with your knowledge that really counts.

    Mix knowledge, determination, desire, intention, and energy and come up with a nourishing life force.

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    Q & A with Bernie – February 26, 2018

    Question for Bernie:

    Hello Bernie,

    It has been a long time to go without writing you.

    I want to say to you that I am very sad these last 2 months. I am remembering a lot about my ex-boyfriend who died 2 years and 4 months ago. I feel very bad because I said to him that “I preferred not to see him,” and 25 days later he died.

    I need to forgive myself. I need it so much, because I am sad at work I don’t do things as well as I need to do them. I am a teacher living in Barcelona, and I am from Valencia, so I miss my family a lot, too. The last 4 weekends I was going to Valencia because I needed to be with them, but at the end of each week, I feel alone and I just keep remembering Walter a lot.

    What can I do to forgive myself and start to be happy again?

    Thanks Bernie, and A big hug to you.

    Bernie’s Answer:

    First of all, please remember that you are not at fault.  As I always counsel people, love yourself and your body.  Always keep in mind that your boyfriend had choices and so do you—or would you prefer getting seriously ill as “punishment” for something that was not in any way your fault.

    Live your life and accept this very important truth—only you decide how you feel, so get out and do something for someone else out of love.  And stop wasting your life!

    My wife died a month ago, and I live the way she wants me to live.  So, let your heart decide and live your life where and how you want to live it.

    Peace & love,

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    Second Wind

    “Only the very exceptional individuals push to their extremes.”
    - William James

    I have run several marathons, and know that at some point something happens in my body and I feel as if I were just starting the race. We all have this resource within us, but most of us never test ourselves for fear of failing. As a surgeon, when I am operating on someone,I have the energy to stand for hours without eating, drinking, or feeling tired.

    I’ve also watched our daughter care for one of her sons, who has many medical problems. It’s amazing how she maintains her strength and ability to be a loving mother through many crises.

    Our bodies will respond to our needs and desires. We were created to survive. When the will to live, to finish a race or project, or to care for someone is uppermost in our desires and minds, the message gets through to our body and we get a second wind. It is as though the meaningful desires and needs call up a store of energy from within.

    So, when you find yourself pushed to extremes and you think you have no more resources, be assured that your second wind is on the way.


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    “Life is precious and time is a key element.  Let’s make every moment count.”
    ~ Harmon Killebrew

    Time is the only thing we have, and it is everything, so why do we waste it?  Living in a body means we are living in time.  If we are to accomplish anything with these bodies we are gifted with, we must use our time wisely.

    My friend, the late author and anthropologist Ashley Montagu, said something that has always stayed with me.  He said, “If you’re ever going to die, do it at a faculty meeting.  No one will notice the transition.”  If a good portion of your life is spent in the state of suspended animation, then get out and get going. It is no fun to live among the living dead.

    Combine good sense with your passions and remember that time is a precious commodity.

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    Face Value

    “The chief value of money lies in the fact that one lives in a world in which it is overestimated.”
    ~ H.L. Mencken

    One of our sons was upset when he built a house and didn’t make a profit selling it.  I was proud of what he had done.  I told him he had created something that would give me and others pleasure every time we drove past it.  The pleasure I derived was from what he created and the quality of his work.  It was not related to how much money he made or lost.  I honor his work because of what he put into it and not the sale price.

    Ask yourself: Do you build and work only to make money, or do you also value creating something?  Everything has its results, and the long-term results are ultimately not in the dollar sign but in the life sign.

    Remember, to see your true worth, see the value in what you do or create beyond its material compensation.


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    “Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care, for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.”
    ~ Buddha

    Anthropologist Ashley Montagu said it well:  “The meaning of a word is the action it produces.”  The meaning of your life is related to what you do and what you say.  If what you say does not lead to an action that is consistent with what you do, then your life’s message is not honest.  When you speak what you do not believe, you are being dishonest to yourself and others.

    We are predominately known by what we do.  However, our words can be just as powerful because of the effect they have on others and what they may lead them to do.

    What we say is not incidental.  It can hold great meaning, particularly if we are in a position of power or influence.  Knowing this, we must use our position to guide others through our actions and the actions our words produce.

    Make your life consistent in action and word.


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    Fortune Cookies

    What I found were “coincidences” which were connected so meaningfully that their “chance” concurrence would be incredible.
    ~ C. G. Jung

    The other night I needed a message to help me direct my life and picked out a fortune cookie for advice.  Well, it was very helpful. It made me wonder who had sent the cookie at that moment for me to read.  Is it all really chance, or is there an intelligence at work here?  I reflected on such happenings and how they end up affecting our lives.

    Sometimes what seems like a small or even upsetting event can end up saving your life.  I used to call these events “spiritual flat tires.” Even though they upset you when they happen, like the flat tire that makes you miss a plane that ends up crashing, they were ultimately there to help you.  I always say there is a schedule to the universe that we all need to get on and be in harmony with.

    We should look for the fortune cookies and seeming detours that are sent to get you on track for your true destination.


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    Recognizing the Miracles in Our Lives

    “There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
    ~ Albert Einstein

    While I was reading the other night, I came across this question:  What is a miracle?  It made me think about the things in our lives that my mother called “God’s Redirections.”  She used this term for the seemingly random incidents that affect our lives in a positive way.

    Maybe it is the person you happen to meet, what you accidentally pick up to read, the help that comes unexpectedly from strangers, or one of a million other possibilities that bring miracles to our lives.  Perhaps these seemingly random incidents are more than they appear to be.  Perhaps these are the real miracles!

    We should all try to recognize that the potential for miracles is present all the time.


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