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Thu, Mar 18, 2021, 5:00 PM PDT

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Timed to the 50th anniversary year of “the war on cancer,” From Shadows to Life is a must-read for anyone. Part medical history, part inspirational biography, this is the story of a social movement that continues to improve life for millions.

Reading the book in advance is not required to enjoy this event. But you can order it on Amazon HERE.

“After reading Emperor of All Maladies, I was left thinking, ‘But what about PEOPLE who actually had cancer?’ This is that book. While Emperor was about cancer and science, this book is about cancer and PEOPLE, and for me that is more interesting.”

BRAD ZEBRACK, PhD, MSW, MPH, Professor, University of Michigan School of Social Work

Join us for this live virtual experiential, educational & healing weekend!

During this 3-Day retreat, we will take a deep dive into the foundations of holistic health and integrative medicine as it relates to cancer. We have assembled an amazing team of doctors and practitioners to present you with a profoundly healing experience, including Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr Ann Marie Chiasson, Dr Diane Hayden, Joan Palmer, M.S. & Alyson Iannicelli, M.A., with your hosts Kahseim Outlaw & Susan Strickland!

Look forward to an exciting 3-days filled with KNOWLEDGE that will EMPOWER your WELLNESS!

Listen to our podcast with Dr. Diane Hayden, Publisher of Natural Nutmeg Magazine! Click Here

For More Info & To Register: www.knowledgeEMPOWERSwellness.com

$149 – Attend all 3 days

$75 – Saturday Only

*Scholarships Available

for details email: KnowledgeEmpowersWellness@gmail.com

Weekend Schedule​


4pm – Introduction

4:30 – 6pm 

Ann Marie Chiasson MD: The Mind-Body Medicine Connection



Morning Meditation with Kahseim

9:30 – 11am 

Joan Palmer, MS: Nutrition – The Immune System & The Microbiome

11am – 1pm


1 – 2:30pm

Diane Hayden, PhD: SPARK Method

3 – 4pm

Bruce Lipton, PhD: Exosomes & Cancer



Morning Meditation with Kahseim

9:30 – 10:30am

Alyson Iannicelli: Energy Medicine Yoga for Oncology

11am – 12pm

Ann Marie Chiasson, MD: Energy Medicine

12 – 1pm


1 – 2pm

Bernie Siegel, MD: Love, Medicine & Miracles

2pm – Closing the Retreat

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