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The events listed on this page are third party webinars, seminars and other activities which Bernie participates in or otherwise endorses.  Check back frequently for updates.

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis

Join us for a series of very special, one-day seminars in Los Angeles (October 30, 2016), New York (November 5, 2016) and Boston (November 6, 2016) and learn how the OMS Recovery Program has translated scientific research into meaningful recovery for thousands of people with MS around the world.

Presented by OMS founder Prof. George Jelinek, along with Assoc. Prof. Craig Hassed, the day will focus on a comprehensive overview of the OMS Recovery Program and how it can assist in preventing disease progression and lead to better health outcomes.

This is a rare chance to hear straight from the medical experts behind OMS about how the program can work for you. Registration is now open for all three events. They are priced at $99 for the day, inclusive of program fees, an OMS-friendly lunch, and snacks.

Love Never Dies – A Live Online Course with Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Loss of a loved one or even a long-term relationship is one of the most painful experiences we can ever encounter. We become so attached to our physical bodies and our identities, we forget our real essence – the spirit that lies within and is forever eternal. Therefore, we can never truly be separated from our loved ones. The truth is, our loved ones in spirit are always sending us messages and signs that they are still with us, walking beside us and offering unconditional love. Learning how to open and receive these spirit messages not only allows us to reconnect, but it also offers tremendous healing power.

Believing in reconnection is not a prerequisite for experiencing the healing that is available to you through this online course. You don’t even have to believe spirits live on to gain tremendous peace and comfort from the techniques Dr. Turndorf shares during this 8-week journey. You do, however, have to be open and willing to heal.

Communicating with spirit is nothing more than the sending and receiving of energetic signals, which you will learn to do during this online course. The ability to extend our energetic communications to those in spirit simply involves learning how to tune in to what Dr. Turndorf calls the “Spirit Channel” of your brain. During your time with Dr. Turndorf, you’ll open your spirit channel and begin sending and receiving messages from your loved ones – the messages meant solely for you.

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