Below is an excerpt from Bernie Siegel’s new title, A Book of Miracles.

Never Say Never
by Laura Callero

I am a survivor—in the truest sense of the word. I am now fifty-one years old, married, and with three exceptional children. My story began in 1989. I was the perfect picture of health and happiness. Just married. Happy life. World travels. I had just completed law school and had a fantastic job and lots of business trips. I was in great physical shape. And then, it hit. I suffered massive backaches and headaches and was diagnosed (after two long years of misdiagnoses) with a spinal cord astrocytoma—a nine-inch tumor inside the cord itself.

I went to see Norman Cousins at UCLA and heard of Bernie from him. I read Norman’s books, and Norman made me a hypnotherapy tape. I bought Bernie’s books and tapes and read them and listened for hours, pre- and post-surgery. After my surgery in 1990, I was told I would be dead in three months, if that. My surgery was twelve hours long and left my right side paralyzed. I was in the hospital for nearly four months. All my friends went ahead and took the bar exam—not me. I was stuck in bed. I had to learn how to write again and how to walk.

But miracles were yet to happen. I got out of the wheelchair by sheer strength of mind, and I went and took the bar exam and passed. I went on to walk with a quad cane, and then only a brace, and now nothing. I have pain now and again, but I never say never.

I credit my survival to not giving up and the guides along my way: Bernie, Norman and my devoted husband, Chris. Miracles do happen…every day…every minute. I am now a human being and not a “human doing.”

* * * * *

A Book of Miracles is divided into fifteen sections, each consisting of stories of miracles, pertinent quotes, anecdotes, and my reflections. Every aspect of miracles is explored, from miracles of daily life to amazing stories of healing, like Laura’s. I encourage you to look for and help create miracles every day. My hope is that this book will uplift, strengthen, and guide you on the miraculous journey called life.