Help Me to Heal is a “just-in-time” resource that anyone can pick up and immediately use – a practical guidebook for patients, visitors, and caregivers.

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Every hospitalization, period of convalescence, or visit to a patient can be an opportunity for healing to happen. Since most hospitalizations are sudden and unexpected, few patients and family members are prepared to take advantage of these healing opportunities. Help Me to Heal is a “just-in-time” resource that anyone can pick up and immediately use—to help realize this great healing potential. It provides the empowering tools, strategies, and resources that will enable readers to turn their bedside environment and illness experience into a sacred space and time where healing can occur.

When patients, caregivers, and family members are provided with these strategies, they become participants in the healing process—and are then able to communicate their needs to doctors and staff simply and effectively, thereby creating a healing team where everyone is moving in the same direction.

“To help you survive and learn from this experience, and to heal afterwards, Help Me to Heal is an invaluable resource.”
– Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Beyond the Body; Reinventing Medicine; and Healing Words; executive editor, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

“If you or a loved one have to go through major medical care . . . this book can be . . . life-saving and soul-saving.”
– Andrew Weil, M.D., the New York Times bestselling author of Spontaneous Healing and Eight Weeks to Optimum Health

Publisher: Hay House
Publication date: August 2003
Pages: 200
ISBN: 1401900372
Format / media: Paperback