Prescription for Living is a collection of stories about how to deal with life’s difficulties. It offers inspirational lessons for a joyful, loving life.

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“This book is a continuation of the work I began when I became Bernie. It is a collection of stories about how to deal with life’s difficulties. Most of the people in these stories have not had the great wake-up call; that is, they are mot facing life-threatening illnesses. So in a sense, this book is preventive medicine. It is a prescription for living that gives you effective and healthy ways of dealing with the adversity that occurs in everyone’s life. I want to help you learn to accept your morality before something catastrophic brings you face-to-face with the end of your life.”
– From the Introduction

Reviews for Prescription for Living

“For those ready to be uplifted by the soothing repetition of time-tested homilies, Siegel delivers the goods.”
– Booklist

“. . . another dose of effervescent good feelings and for suggestions about what to do when . . .”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Bernie Siegel is a brilliant beacon broadcasting a message of hope. When high-tech medicine is supplemented with love and compassion, we have not only curing but also healing, which is what Siegel’s message is all about.”
– Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Be Careful What You Pray For, Prayer is Good Medicine, and Healing Words

“I regard Bernie Siegel as one of the greatest healers of our time. After having read Prescriptions for Living, I am convinced that reading a few pages of this book everyday will help anyone stay inspired, vital, energetic, and healthy for life.”
– Deepak Chopra, M.D., Creative Director, The Chopra Center for Well Being

“Prescriptions for Living might also be titled The Gospel According to Bernie. Bernie Siegel’s recommendations for living and dying well are wise, witty, and concise — good medicine all around.”
– Andrew Weil M.D., author of Spontaneous Healing and 8 Weeks to Optimum Health

Publisher: Quill
Publication date: January 1999
Pages: 240
ISBN: 0060929367
Format / media: Paperback

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