by Bernie Siegel, MD

you can look into a mirror and see your image
water reflects your image too
but unlike a mirror you must get close to the water and yourself to see the reflection
and you and the water must be still and untroubled by outside forces
and just as water may exist as a liquid, solid or vapor
you can undergo continual transformation too
depending on your state of consciousness
you can choose to close your heart
and become hard and cold as ice
or like ice protect and guard the life which exists beneath the surface
for it is only when we are willing to go beneath the surface
into the stillness and depth of our being that we truly find ourselves
and create the authentic path our stream should follow
as a stream of water flows over and around stones making beautiful sounds
your blood stream can flow over obstacles, become as destructive as a tsunami
or choose to vaporize and rise above life’s difficulties
ready to fall back, when needed,as gentle rain softening the soil of life
one day every blood stream will find its way to the endless sea of life
where you will be reborn as white crystals
which descend slowly and gently onto the frozen ground
when the world experiences a drought of love
forming a blank canvas upon which the world can now create a work of art