by Bernie Siegel, M.D.

As someone who has had a near death and past life experience I know the truth about what we call death. When my wife died 24 months ago the incredible experiences I had were not surprising to me at all. First, I have a patient who is a mystic and she called after my wife died to tell me a woman who was an opera singer contacted her to tell her Bobbie was fine and back with her family. My wife’s mother was an operas singer.

While in bed one night I heard my wife’s voice and sat up and asked her do you need help and then realized there is no one to help or talk to. I also began to receive puff kisses. When you blow out s candle you hear the sound your breathe make. Well for many nights I heard the sound and then felt a breeze upon my face. I knew my wife was kissing me good night.

I began to receive what our family calls pennies from Heaven. These are literally pennies which show up in weird and bizarre places which can’t be explained. In Bobbie’s case they were all meaningful too in numbers. We were married on 7/11 and I found innumerable combinations of a dime and a penny, even in a bird bath in our yard. No way to explain that.

I had an irregular heart beat nine months after my wife died. No surprise to me.. At the emergency room I heard them say put him in room nine. My wife was born on 9/9. Again no surprise. When I was sent to a hospital room it was 819. My wrist band for identification had my personal number as 3893966. 8 symbolizes a new beginning so I knew I would be fine. The associated case number which is different for every visit has also always added up to nines except one day which worried me until I noticed something. 187497440. 8 is my sign of a new beginning. Then 4+4+1=9 and another 9 and then our anniversary of 7 and 7+4 = 11.

I am now asking my wife to put our six birth dates together and have them come up in the CT state lottery. We have five children which included twins. I figure if she can fix hospital records why not the lottery? I would then start a charity fund in her name to help heal the wounds of the world.

So keep an open mind about life and death and be aware there are no coincidences involved here.