Q & A with Bernie – October 24, 2016

Question for Bernie:

We asked mom to draw a picture of herself and outdoor scene, but she has had a radical decline in the past couple weeks. She was experiencing extreme pain all over due to tumor growth in all parts of her body.

She has since been put on hospice and my dad (her HCP) was giving her morphine 0.5 every 2 hours, and wondering why she wasn’t able to walk anymore. My sister and brother since talked him into lowering her meds to Ultram for pain, but she is having anxiety as well and a burning feeling in her esophageal area between her breasts.  Hospice has her on Ativan 0.5mg x 2 tabs, every four hours and she’s snowed!! We tried to gently explain to him that it may be too much for her, but he is insistent that hospice said it would help w the GERD. Me and my brother and sister feel there is something terribly wrong and that we should be doing something more.

It’s hard to talk to my dad, he’s very stubborn and set in his ways and very “physically & knowledge” oriented. He has a hard time grasping onto any other conventional or holistic treatments, such as meditation, herbal and supplemental meds, as well as drawing interpretation, etc.

We want to just steal her away and put her in the car and bring her to you or holistic cancer clinic, but know it’s not a possible. We are trying to keep things light and positive and play her guided meditations. The curcumin we’re giving seems to upset her stomach. The Ativan has seemed to help stop her nausea and vomiting, but like I said, it’s kickin’ her ass. :-)

We feel like we’re at a road block and don’t know what to do next, and you are the only person that comes to mind to reach out to for any kind of help or ideas or positive input. Reaching out w expectancy and with hope…

Bernie’s Answer:

There is a time to die, also. Just ask her what she would like to do.

Share your love, and talk about your lives together.  Tell her that if she needs to go it is okay, and that her love will always be with you.

Listen to her and keep her comfortable.

Ask your dad how they met, and to talk about those years in her presence.  It will help her to hear the stories.

Peace, Love, & Healing,

Question for Bernie:

I listened to some of your videos and they spoke to me. I have an aggressive sort of stomach cancer according to laparoscopy; there are already cancer cells in the surrounding area. Three days ago I started chemo, and I feel it is hitting me very hard.

I have avoided medicaments for the last 20 years (and doctors) and have fared well so far with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), homeopathy, and patience. Maybe that’s why my body is reacting so strongly. I was strong in the beginning, embracing the tumor, meditating and doing taiji every day.  My wife and I had decided to move away from our current lives, move to some place in nature and try to find a peaceful and more true and meaningful life (we are both artists).

Then the examinations started with the laparoscopy and now the chemo. As much as I wished I could see it as helpful, I feel that every time I see the doctors, I am much worse off. My mind tries to reason, but my body winces. At the moment I feel incapable of doing anything but barely exist.

I am 58 years of age, married to a wonderful wife; I have a beautiful daughter and many friends who love me. I am torn between a wish to survive with my inner strength and dignity and the help of friends, and what the doctors and other people—who also love tell me—urge me to do. When I regain a little strength, I can easily see and embrace my future, whatever it is. But when I am low, nauseous and in tears, I see no future.  I am afraid to continue chemo, but I am not alone and would very much appreciate a word with you. Would it be possible to talk to you in person?

Bernie’s Answer:

Read my book, The Art of Healing—Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.  You will find sixty drawings and more to guide you. Also on my website,   www.berniesiegelmd.com , read the Immune Competent Personality and change your life as you mentioned.  Love your life and body.  This is really important for unleashing your healing power.

First, with a box of crayons draw yourself receiving chemo. Scan your drawing and email it to me.  Also, draw an outdoor scene from your imagination, and then we can talk.

Your intuitive wisdom knows the right thing to do. Your mind may know, but fear can create a problem accessing your intuitive wisdom, so it is important to relax and visualize it as you want it to be. I have CD entitled Getting Ready that can help you.  Some see the devil giving them poison while others visualize chemo as a gift from God. Guess who has side effects. Remember above all that it is your life and your choice.

Get into supplements which have anticancer effects and cut out all sugar and sweets. Curcumin, aspirin, vitamin D, and the prescription medication Metformin all have anticancer effects.

Naturopathic physicians can often be more helpful than oncologists.

A resource for supplements is www.lef.org. They can be called, too, on their toll-free number which is:  1-800-678-8989

Peace, Love, & Healing,

Question for Bernie:

How do I rid myself of fear? It is paralyzing and keeping me from healing. I feel so hopeless. I love your books, but don’t have the confidence in myself to make my miracle.

Bernie’s Answer:

You decide what you see and think—only you.

Jesus said, “It is done unto you as you believe.”  So, visualize what you desire; your body believes what your mind conceives.

Laugh several times a day for no reason. Fear and laughter cannot coexist.

Peace, Love, & Healing,


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