Q & A with Bernie – October 24, 2016

Question for Bernie: We asked mom to draw a picture of herself and outdoor scene, but she has had a radical decline in the past couple weeks. She was experiencing extreme pain all over due to tumor growth in all … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – September 15, 2014

Question for Bernie Thank YOU so very much for your exceptional words of wisdom that I heard today on Talk #1 of the 2nd Annual International Cure to Cancer Summit.  I agree 1,000% with what you say. In 2011 I … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – October 21, 2013

Question for Bernie: I have struggled with low energy, lack of meaning/zest for life, digestive issues, (had an eating disorder for a while), anger issues, commitment issues, and trust issues for as long as I can remember. I have tried … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – March 11, 2013

Question for Bernie: I am 46 and was diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera some years ago, although my belief is that I have had it a lot longer.  It has progressed and is now called myelofibrosis.  I have venesections to keep … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – July 2, 2012

Question for Bernie: Just last week I remembered you telling the story of a woman who came up to you and said she’d had bladder cancer, and she realized there was someone in her life who was “pissing her off.” … Read More