Bird in a Cage

The last of the human freedoms is to choose one’s attitudes.
~ Victor Frankl

You’ve heard the question, “Why does the caged bird sing?”  We are all birds in cages in one way or another, but we have a choice in how we respond.  I prefer to sing. It is like a prayer for me.  It calms me and makes the moment tolerable.

A friend of mine wears a cap with a picture of Tweety on it.  Her disease makes her feel like a bird in a cage, trapped in a sick body.  The hat reminds her that caged birds can still be happy and sing.  When you sing you bring harmony back into your life.

You have a choice about the quality of the sounds you make.  I know birds that give out piercing sounds to get attention when they are lonely.  I prefer to sing, dance, and laugh, but at times I do shriek.  (Of course, the way I sing gets attention, but people prefer that I be happy and quiet for their peace and comfort!)

How do you respond to your cage, and what song do you choose to sing?

- Bernie


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2 Responses to Bird in a Cage

  1. Jan Feeney says:

    Wow, I know the Universe was talking to me through this soulful, beautiful man, Bernie. These words made me stop and see what damage I am doing to myself. I will sing, I will find my joy and rethink how I view my journey!! Thank you. I have loved Bernie and his words, since the day I saw him on Oprah years ago!

  2. Elaine Lamagna says:

    The concept of a caged bird singing…….what a wonderful life choice! I choose to sing every chance I get as it frees my spirit and creates a sense of harmony within me…….what a blessing you are to all of us Bernie. Thank you!

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