A Letter from Peter Cutler

For Bernie Siegel,

My Fellow Travelers On The Healing Journey,

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I was frightened, lost and confused. Not knowing where to turn and prompted by family and friends, I gave the responsibility for my health and life over to the experts. The future looked very grim. But fate and Grace brought others into my life, people who had healed themselves in seemingly miraculous ways, people who now saw their cancer as a gift. Their stories inspired me and put me on a path of True Health that I continue to walk today.

In an effort to “Pay it Forward”, I am creating a book and blog site of the stories that inspired me and changed my life forever. The book and blog site are titled When Cancer Heals. I’m creating them for the frightened, lost and confused me of seven years ago. I know there are many in that situation. The book will be free to all who want it. My purpose is not to make money, only to help as I have been helped.

I think of these stories as creating a Circle of Healing. I know many of you have very inspiring stories, stories that can help many people overcome their fear and confusion and gain new hope. I would be honored if you would share them in the Circle.

I am only just assembling the stories now. If you are reluctant to share your story before you see others, contact me and I will be happy to send some to you, as well as more information. If you have an inspiring story but don’t feel comfortable writing it, I can help with as well. And I will certainly send you the link as soon as the blog site is up.

I am honored to walk this Healing Path with you,


Peter Cutler
[email protected]