Measuring Spiritual Success

When considering how you can measure success in your spiritual life, the answer seems obvious. I meet many young men and women from well to do families who’s lives are spiritual wrecks because their family defines success as accumulating more and more material things.

floating moneyOnce a young man walked into my office and said, “My father ruined my life.” I asked him what he did to ruin it and he answered, “He gave me a million dollars when I was twenty one.” I told him there were many people in the waiting room who would love his problem. I asked, “How did it ruin your life?” “I had to be a success.”

He came to understand that being a success does not make you happy and he needed to learn that being happy makes you a success. When you seek security, while fearing challenges, you will not find peace on a mental or spiritual level because you will never find your authentic life or way of serving your love to the world. The entire reason for life is so that we can experience love. That is my opinion. And when you experience love you are a spiritual success.

The imperfect world is what makes our love necessary and meaningful. To quote God, “A perfect world is a magic trick and not creation. You are here to live and learn. Just as there is no darkness or cold there is no true evil. Darkness is simply an absence of light while cold is an absence of heat and evil is the failure to express My love through your actions. Just as a graduation is a commencement, and not a termination, and the Bible ends in a revelation and not a conclusion your life is about beginnings. When you experience change, be it loss or gain, you must begin to use the change to redirect your life and create something new that will benefit the world and its inhabitants, all of whom are the same color inside and so of one family, and continue the process of creation.”

Now compare that young man’s spiritual problem with mine. One of our sons called me and asked for money to pay his college tuition bill. I reminded him that when my father died he received $60,000 from my father’s estate for him to use for towards education. He responded, “I gave it to a friend I met in Nepal so he could come to this country for an education and then go home and help his people.” Now which son would you prefer? The one who turns a million into many millions or the son who gave away $60,000 and is asking you for money?

At the time of the phone call I wasn’t so enlightened, but I have learned from this son about how to be a spiritual success. He used what he had to help others to survive and thrive. The message is that we are here to offer our bodies and our property to benefit others. Only then do we become a spiritual success and immortal in the only way one can become immortal, through love, which is the only thing of permanence.