Numbers & Memories

Dear Everybody,

Jung said numbers are discovered and invented, and express quantity and meaning. Our life and the memories of our life are stored within us, and the meaningful and significant ones are often made conscious through the meaning of numbers. A simple example was Elisabeth Kubler-Ross looking at a picture I drew and asking me why eleven was important to me. I asked why she questioned me about that number and she showed me I had drawn 11 trees in the sketch. I immediately connected it to my starting my support work with cancer patients eleven months before.

#1.  A reporter interviewing me draws a clock with one hand on it pointed at twelve. #2. A woman with pelvic problems that do not respond to therapy draws a broken heart with twenty-one drops of blood. #3. My wife draws a picture of five trees with one out of line and below it four flowers on the left side of the page, six cat tails in the middle and three flowers on the right side of the page. #4. A single medical student draws a picture of his future family with three children. #5. A child draws a picture of an operating room she has never been in showing two yellow areas, four people, four black spots near the lights and colors white and blue on the operating table.

I will discuss all of the above in a moment, but I also want you to understand that the numbers can represent your past or your future. One woman drew a picture of a snowy mountain area with three trees in the section of the drawing which represents the future and three years later she moved to Vermont. So besides numbers the past, present and future are revealed and I use drawings to help people make decisions about their lives by seeing where they are headed.

#1. This reporter was not a believer in my work. She was just doing her job and when I spontaneously asked her what happened when she was twelve years old she said she didn’t like deadlines. I said there is only one hand on the clock and then she burst into tears and told me she had been sexually abused when she was twelve. Understand the number could have related to twelve months ago or many other things. I was responding to my intuitive feelings about what it represented.

#2. The doctor caring for this woman called me and I told her to ask the woman to draw a picture. No instructions were given other than that. When I saw the drawing and counted the drops I asked the physician to ask her what happened when she was twenty-one. The email I received was a horrendous description of a year of multiple episodes of sexual abuse. Now the truth can come forth and the healing will begin because the woman is no longer evading the truth about her life and past.

#3. We have five children and one was driving us nuts at the time she drew this. He was often out of line compared to his siblings. I was trying to encourage him to leave home and go off to college as his two brothers had done. At the time of the drawing my wife and three children were at home and two away but the flowers were in groups of four and three and not five and two. So I knew he had decided to leave home. When did it happen? There were six cat tails and I knew they could mean six years or six days. Well six weeks from the day of the drawing he left to join his brother in Denver and go to school there.

#4. When Matt was in med school I had his class draw pictures for me. When Matt drew himself as a doctor in the future was Matt, his wife and three children. Many years later, after his graduation and marriage, Matt mentioned to me that he and his wife were having problems conceiving a child. I told him they would have three children. They were in his drawing. I did say they could be adopted too but they would have three children. Well of course things worked out and his wife has delivered three lovely kids. No coincidence.

#5. When I show this slide I also show a picture of the operating room the child entered. It had two lights. Four black elbows where the lights could be adjusted and focused on the operating field. Four people were taking care of her: two nurses, surgeon and an anesthesiologist. The colors were about the white sheet she lay on and the sterile blue sheet she was covered with during surgery.

Numbers also apply to more than personal things. The number eight is a new beginning. Not a coincidence that Hanukah is an eight day event. Creation took seven days and every religion has a seven day week but not the same number of days in their months. The number ten is very meaningful too. The ‘one’ followed by the ‘no thing.’ But from the no thing creation begins and when we have the one it goes on to create plant life, animal life and human life. So the one creates and becomes two, three and four which when added up returns you to the 10. I even feel the number three being used on your TV to give you access to all channels is a reflection of the trinity. And is the fact that our months and eggs come by the dozen related to the twelve disciples? I will leave you now to watch and count and learn. The quantum physicists also see numbers in many roles. Keep your mind open as Einstein did and keep learning.

Peace, Love & Healing,
Bernie Siegel, MD