When Heaven Speaks, Listen!

Dear Everybody,

Now here are the correct endings to the following:

After looking at the bill for my surgery……….I realized why surgeons wear masks.

I believe there’s intelligent life in the universe except…….in certain parts of New Jersey.

Women don’t have hot flashes they……..have power surges.

I was listening to my favorite music, classic country western, when I heard this line; “The nearest thing to heaven is a child.” Personally I think every newborn creature brings us closer to Heaven. It is amazing that one cell is able to create an entire human being and that every cell in our body has intelligence, knows where it belongs and what it is to do. I admit there are a few people who have their head up their ass due to genetic defects but by and large things do work out for most of us.

Life is truly mystical and I want to explore some of the things I have experienced in my lifetime. Remember I said experienced and not what I believe or don’t believe. But before I do this I would ask that all of you truly look upon every child as a divine gift and treat them accordingly and that includes yourself too. When I speak at high school graduations I love to hold up an infant and have the audience all sigh and then I pick up a high school student and everyone laughs. The point I make is that only a few years separate the two and so why be in awe of one and laugh at the other. The infants are always conscious of the reason they are being held up by a stranger and never have I had an infant cry when I have done this. Your assignment for tomorrow is: when you leave home see everyone as a divine child and watch the reaction you get to your thoughts and the look you give strangers. Consciousness is not local and they are getting the message.

What have I experienced that makes me believe? I had a near death experience choking on a toy at age four. I left my body and was quite upset when I didn’t die. I never stopped to think, as blind people do, about how I could see when I wasn’t in my body. I guarantee you that when you die you will be perfect again. As an adult I went into a trance and had a past life experience when a friend asked me over the phone, because of how busy I was, “Why are you living this life?” It helped me to understand myself and my choices in life.

People who receive organ transplants, particularly the heart, have memories of the lives of the donor of the organ and there are many books written about this. I had a patient, named Monica, who began to bring me messages from dead patients when she knew I was open to hearing this and willing to accept them. She would mention their name so I knew who she was talking about and could confirm the relevance of the message. When my parents died she brought me a message from them which fit my life experience perfectly.

She often calls, out of a clear blue sky, with a message that was communicated to her. When my mother, well past ninety, started asking me why God was keeping her here the phone rang and Monica said, “Tell your mother God is teaching her patience.” From then on my Mom always wanted to know if Monica called.

I hear voices speaking to me and sometimes speaking through me to say things I had no awareness of or intention of saying. Some of you are aware that after writing my book Buddy’s Candle a voice told me to go to the animal shelter. I did and when I walked in and the voice asked “What’s his name?” of a dog sitting by the door, the answer was, “His name is Buddy. He has been here less than fifteen minutes.” The day my father was going to die I heard a voice, while out jogging; ask me, “How did your parents meet?” I answered that I didn’t know and was told to ask my mother when I got to the hospital.

When I got to the hospital the voice asked the question through me and my Mom told a story about sitting on the beach on vacation with girls she didn’t know, and whom she learned later had a terrible reputation. She said boys coming down the beach tossed coins and, “Your father lost and got me.” The stories which followed were even more disastrous, from falling into a lake when my Dad let go of the row boat as she was climbing in, to her new dress being drenched in the rain. Well it accomplished what the voice wanted. My Dad died laughing and looking wonderful.

Another bit of mysticism was that my Dad had no way of knowing who was coming. He was in a coma. People do hear in coma, asleep and under anesthesia. When the last person who had said they were coming to the hospital arrived and was announced he took his last breath and died. So if you want to die laughing accomplish what we are all here to accomplish; love somebody and then give your family stories to talk about by embarrassing them regularly so they will be thankful and have material to share when you ask them to tell stories about your life that they remember.

The reason children are thankful for an embarrassing parent is that when they do things that are a bit bizarre they do not get punished because, “You know who his father is?” So there is no point in trying to get them to behave in a normal manner.

I have discussed animal communication as another example of mystical events and proof of the non-locality of consciousness. So remain open minded and cultivate a quiet mind so the still pond of your mind is not disturbed by turbulence and allows you to see life truly reflected and communicated to all your senses.

One last bit of advice. If you want to evaluate whether you are growing and learning take the books that have been most helpful in educating you and reread then every year or two. Mark the places that you find helpful and wise each time you read the book and if the book doesn’t get better and more informative over the years it means you are not growing and changing and becoming more enlightened.

Well I could go on and fill the entire newspaper but I will stop with your homework. Answer this: What benefits do love and amnesia share? And finish these: I once wanted to become an atheist but I gave up………..Let me tell you the one thing I have against Moses. He took us forty years into the desert………….

P.S. After finishing this and stepping out with the dogs for an afternoon  walk near our house a voice said, “Go to the cornfield for your walk.” Well I did and I met two relatives I rarely see, a health care practitioner who has helped our family, the Amity Girls’ Cross Country Team whose members remembered me and the dogs because we visited their classes while they were in grade school and two ladies who were laughing because I was dressed in colors matching the dogs fur. So listen to the voice when it talks to you. There was consciousness and consciousness was with God and consciousness was God.

Bernie Siegel, MD

Manifest plainness, Embrace simplicity, Reduce selfishness, Have few desires
~ Lao Tzu

I can resist anything except temptation.
~ Oscar Wilde

Do not like, do not dislike: all will then be clear.
~ Seng-Ts’an

  1. Mary Arndt

    I just wanted to say thank you for touching my life in so many ways since I was a college student back in the 1990’s when I first read “Love, Medicine and Miracles”. I was not physically ill at the time but was a psychology major and suffered from panic attacks all my life and your book was very inspiring and I shared it and your philosophy insights and website address with many, many grateful people in my life.
    I had a mystical experience that is often repeated in my life that I hope you enjoy-I was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago that was in situ but scary all the same. I reconnected with your books and meditated to your cd’s and was greatly helped with this through surgery and treatment. My husband and I are very close and we love to golf. In fact, on any given Sunday you can find us on the course, enjoying the sunshine and spirituality of nature – true -some cursing does go on! I recall a man in a truck driving by the course one gorgeous day yelling at us “go to Church” – I yelled back – “where do you think I am?” My soul feels wonder on a golf course. When I was first diagnosed, for no reason at all, I thought that if I found a lost Callaway “warbird” ball while I was out golfing, I would be fine (they are my favorite). We were heading back over the 16th hole when my husband said, look what I found – I know you like them (of course – a warbird) -our friend David a few minutes later said Hey Mary – I found a warbird -don’t you like those? If you knew David, he is a ball hoarder and has never given me a ball he found in the many years we golfed with him. It seemed like it was raining warbirds from Heaven! I felt like I had been given a direct message from God that everything would be ok and it was.
    Several years later, I was at my 6 month check mammagram and was told they found “something” – most likely the exact same “in-situ” type cells in the other breast. I had the tests and was told this time it was invasive cancer and needed surgery and treatment once they knew the extent. This was in early March when very few people have played golf yet in Indiana and we went golfing and my husband was looking everywhere for a warbird (though he denied it so I wouldn’t be upset as the odds were not good). We got to the last hole and looking ahead, there was a ball sitting in a sand trap and there was no one around anywhere! We had been some of the few people out and I was sure someone just hit over onto our hole. We looked for someone who was out golfing and there was no one. My husband approached the trap, picked up the ball, placed it in my lap and said “Someone’s thinking about you” -yes – it was a warbird! I carried that ball with me to surgery and all my radiation treatments and follow up care. God had provided me with a talisman that meant so much to me that I wanted to share it with you as you helped me to be open to believe in miracles.
    When I read your thoughts on writing things down, I was inspired as I am heading to a CT scan for what appears to an aortic aneurysm and remembering my warbird feeling that is giving me strength after I wrote it all out for the first time.
    I thank you with all my heart!