Q & A with Bernie – March 12, 2018

Here is the follow-up to earlier 2016 correspondence from the sister of a patient suffering from metastatic melanoma.

Original Question for Bernie:

Dear Bernie:

This is  in regards to my sister’s diagnosis

She is starting whole brain radiation next week  I have contacted a doctor  regarding support through nutrition and I know you  help  turn the mind.  What would you recommend for her to start with this process.  I am encouraging her  and all of us to  not feel hopeless….  Thank you for your consideration.

Bernie’s Answer:

Get her my book Love, Medicine & Miracles to start and The Art of Healing.

Also have her listen to some of my CDs.  One I suggest is Getting Ready to help her with therapies and to love her body and life


Followup from her Original Question for Bernie:

Dear Bernie:

I just wanted to thank you for the support.  We lost my sister and we lost this battle a few months ago.

I continue to promote the strength of inner healing.  Sometimes it is very hard.

Kind regards to you.

Bernie’s Reply:

Your sister wasn’t a loser. She died as we all will.

Look for signs around home to let you know she is okay.  Observe coincidences that connect you with her, and finding pennies from heaven, too.

Peace & Love,