Quantity and Quality

“It’s choice—not chance—that determines your destiny.”
~ Jean Nidetch

Quantum physics awakened me to the nature of life and the true relationship between quantity and quality.  One normally thinks of a quality product, like a fine automobile, as being desired by many and therefore as being produced in quantity.  The number sold, in this case, depends on its quality.

Many of us spend our lives accumulating dollars and objects to impress others with all we possess.  But what does this do to or for us as human beings?  Ninety-five percent of lottery winners will tell you, five years after winning, that it ruined their life.  Quantity is not the solution to life’s problems.

Now enter the world of quantum physics and watch what happens when I add an electron to an existing atom.  By changing the quantity of the atom, I change the quality as well.

And so it is with human beings.  When we increase or alter the quantity of meaningful information, beliefs, and activities in our life, rather than the objects, we change the quality of our life for the better.

Unlike the atom being altered by a scientist we have a choice what to add to our personal universe.  Choose wisely.