The New Age

Which would you rather have? New Age…or No Age?
~ Mick Winter

What does the New Age mean to me?  It represents a “Let’s open our eyes” attitude.  Once the New Age held that the world was round, and no one was receptive to that.  But just a short time later, it became common knowledge.  There is always a New Age that represents what we are yet to discover.

If people can believe in and stay open to a new reality, then the world will slowly change.  I think that is what the New Age is always about, because what is reality today can change tomorrow.

For instance, twenty years ago, I was considered crazy for talking to people under anesthesia.  Now, in the medical literature, articles show that if you talk to people under anesthesia they experience less pain and go home sooner.  So suddenly my teachings are old hat.  It’s wonderful to be able to be a little crazy and stay open to the next New Age.

Always be willing to move forward into the New Age.