The sweetest of all sounds is praise.
~ Xenophon

Praise is seen in your eyes when you look at your beloved.  Praise is felt in your touch when you embrace.  Praise is heard in your voice when you speak to the one you adore.  Praise is about your loved one’s potential and the hope you have for that person.  Praise is like helium; it lifts us up above the troubles and obstacles of life.

Praise does not say you are perfect.  It says I admire you and what you have accomplished and what I know you will go on to do.  Praise is the food of the soul.  No one survives without it.

Praise is like fertilizer.  Sprinkle it freely, and those you love will grow, bloom, and blossom.


  1. Jutta Holden

    Thank you, Dr Bernie Siegel!
    You lift me up with all your Wisdom!
    Love your Books!