All My Life is a Circle

Until last night, when I had a conversation with God about the true nature of life and the never ending nature of consciousness, I had forgotten about the song by Harry Chapin I had hanging on our kitchen wall. Incorporated into the work of art are these words: All my life’s a circle ~ Sunrise and Sundown ~ Moon rolls through the night time ~ Till the daybreak comes around ~ All my life’s a circle ~ But I can’t tell you why ~ Seasons spinning round again ~ The years keep rolling by.

Well, I can tell you why life is a circle because God shared the reasons with me, and asked me to share them with you. Circles have no beginnings and no endings. They symbolize our immortality. We are all here to do God’s work as His angels of creation and not destruction. So please read on, and when you understand why, live God’s message and sermon. He has given you all you need to accomplish what He desires. Love enhances all the lives it touches and is the only path to immortality. Love is immortal and makes all things immortal.

I have heard voices speaking to me for many years, and their words have had a profound effect on my life. From getting me to go to the animal shelter and adopt a dog with a meaningful name, to on the day my Dad decided to die, asking my mother how the two of them met. Her answer was that my father lost a coin toss and had to take my mother out. That plus her other stories led to my father looking so healthy, due to her humorous stories, that I thought he was going to change his mind about dying.

There is a God created from intelligent, conscious, loving energy, the factors leading to further creation by God. God explained that the first thing to understand is that what dies is only our physical body.  But we are not just physical bodies. Our energy, love, and consciousness are immortal and continue the circle of life forever. God said that when a new life is created the loving, intelligent consciousness, or God within us, enters into that new life and body so it can be part of God and enhance creation. He said when one brings forth from within that loving, intelligent, conscious energy, creation is enhanced. However, when it is not brought forth, but used instead in a selfish way, it destroys the person acting in that way and many others, too. Think of our newspaper headlines and you will understand what He is saying. By this behavior we, end up having to cope with the satanic aspects of life instead of the divine life that God offers each of us.

God shared that the life we then choose to live either enhances the energy and process of creation and the life we create, or it leaves us with a destructive force versus a creative one. God went on to explain that the loving, intelligent, conscious energy is immortal. Our bodies die but not the components of creation with which we were blessed in order to assist God in the process of creating a meaningful life for all living things. God also mentioned that if we only acted more like the animals, treating ourselves as well as we treat our animals, we would all live longer healthier lives.

He said that when we and our bodies experience physical death, the loving, intelligent, conscious energy of creation returns to its source—God. He said the people who have near death experiences are all telling the same stories about how they returned to the white light and met friends and family members who had already died, and then they write a book about it. So many books have been written we are at least accepting that because it cannot be denied.

What God said he wants us to understand and accept is that we are not our bodies. We are immortal and here to be agents of creation and God’s assistants. The event we call a past life emerges from our consciousness which contains the consciousness of every life lived before our current life. When you see young children playing musical instruments or performing other talents which no one can explain in any rational way, please know that it is coming from the consciousness God has placed within them to enhance their future life and ours, too.

Yes, there are times when the consciousness may contain painful memories from the lives of others, but we still have a choice as to how we use the memories of a past life. We can experience a concentration camp, torture, or wars and senseless killing, but what we derive from it is up to us. Do you become a dictator acting like the people you hate and seek revenge, or do you choose to be an angel who heals the wounds of all on our home planet regardless of race, religion, or nationality, and thus bring God and Heaven to earth?

Believe me, there is a God. When my mind is quiet and I choose to do what makes God happy, He speaks to me and enlightens me ~ “Be strong and resolute; do not be terrified or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”    ~ Joshua 1:9

Peace and Love,