Q & A with Bernie – October 12, 2020

Question for Bernie:

Hi Bernie,

I finished reading your book at 4am today!  I savored it like a nice, decadent piece of chocolate cake that I don’t want to finish quickly.

So, is it odd that to me it reflected upon my marriage and how bad it is? I realize I find myself sad all the time because though my husband is a nice “family man,” I feel lonely and neglected…he spends more time in his phone, computer, garden, bread machine, bike or watching sick TV series (that I just don’t waste time with) than he does with me. We never do anything together.  We are completely out of sync and I am feeling it in my health. I spend lots of time alone even eating by myself. It is sad.  I know lots of women see it as a blessing to have a nice man around who does groceries and cooks and helps around the house—should I settle for that as well?

I wonder if maybe he feels like George and wants to get rid of me like he wanted to get rid of Honey!  The thing is I have tried talking to him and he goes back into his shell. I want to check out of this life. It is not what I want. But I don’t know how. I still have my kids around.

Anyway, just wanted to share that; I imagine your book reflects differently for many people. To me, it shed light on a sucky marriage.  Thanks!

Bernie’s Answer:

Keep telling your husband how handsome he looks when he troubles you, and how handsome he looks when he is angry. It will change his way of thinking—believe me, it works.

Tell him you want him to have dinner out tonight, so you are leaving him a sandwich on the front porch.

Follow your heart and be good to yourselfDo what makes you happy. He didn’t grow up with love as a child, but you can break through his shell with love and laughter.  He is your child, too.

Peace and love,