Q & A with Bernie – May 23, 2022

Question for Bernie:

Dear Dr Bernie,

Where to begin when you have a blank canvas? Firstly you begin with an outline sketch, that that’s where I’ll begin…..

I was always painting as a child and often spent many hours alone. Although I was told that I was very talented, I did not see that myself. Painting and drawing has been both very therapeutic for me and for the many others I have been teaching for over 60 years. I have used the vehicle of creative art& craft with physically and mentally challenged adults and children. I found the whole experience quite spiritual and often prayed for help with my work.

I am currently a volunteer having Art and Craft groups. Enclosed are some examples:

  1. Tropical painting, partially sighted lady 94
  2. My art group last week
  3. Some craft work
  4. My watercolor of friend’s garden

Well enough for now. Maybe let me know how you now spend your time? Maybe you’re writing another book, or painting a picture?

God bless.

Bernie’s Answer:

I spend my time helping others of all species.

Read my book, The Art of Healing.

Color and place on the page all have meaning, and numbers like the birds.



Question for Bernie—continuation:

Hi Dr. Bernie,

Thanks for your prompt reply and suggested reading. Pleased you are still active and helping others.

I am now at the hospital waiting for a biopsy and keeping positive! Advised ambulance driver on suggestions on improving his health through diet and lifestyle on the way. I feel that we are both still trying to do our bit. ( I was probably meant to me him today?)

Be well and we’ll chat again.

Bernie’s Answer:

Bless you.

Question for Bernie—continuation:

Dear Dr Bernie,

I hope you and all your animals are well.

Thank you for all the books, meditations and talks I have found such support from over the years. They have helped me to keep going over the years whilst I have been unwell.

My surgeries started 21 years ago and have been regularly ongoing since. I have dysplasia on my tongue and mouth and have been having it cut away or lasered!

It has become a way of life. I have repeatedly needed to cancel holidays as well as needing to drop out of social plans.

Recently I asked my surgeon if there could be any other new treatments other than surgery after all these years, he suggested that my genes were at fault. I asked if it would be possible to have gene therapy and he responded by telling me that I was too old. (I do plan to look into this possibility).

I am now recovering from 3 biopsies in my mouth and as usual too sore to talk. So as on previous times, I walk around with a notebook, so I can communicate with others. (Thank goodness for emails and texting).

I am writing to you because you understand what I am going through, as I don’t want to upset my children and close friends. Be well.

PS: I am planning to relocate to the north of England near to countryside where one of my children and grandchildren live. Also to have a garden again as well as thinking of have a dog for company….

Bernie’s Answer—continuation:

Start loving your body and especially troubled parts.

Take time every day to send love to those parts and even look at them in a mirror.


Question for Bernie—continuation:

Hi Dr Bernie (my mentor),

Hope you and pets are good.

Have ordered book you recommend, looked at my wounds in the mirror  (don’t like what I saw), and booked to have a full body massage as a treat at home! You could certainly say that I’m motivated to love and care for myself!

Also daily walks by the sea.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress,

Be well.