Q & A with Bernie – February 27, 2023

Question for Bernie:

I have a procedure planned for March 17 for something I’ve needed to address for years that’s lead to years of anemia, and was finally lead to the right doctor who has a less invasive procedure to help me.

I can’t tell some people very close to me because they are just too nervous / talky / easily upset by nature, and I need quiet peace while I do this and while I recover.  So, I’m having to keep it private; recovery takes 1 week.

I bought your CDs to listen to and will have them next to me when I come home that afternoon  from the procedure. It’s there to help me get thru the pain they say I might have. I’m believing there will be little pain, the best outcomes, and an easy recovery with a great life ahead.

Anyway, thank you. I just am grateful I heard your messages online!  It’s helping this little journey!

Bernie’s Answer:

You are heading in the right direction.

Draw, with crayons, yourself getting the procedure. Correct any images you don’t like and prepare your body for success and comfortable results.