Lifesaving Time

Yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.
~ Kahlil Gibran

I sit and look at a photograph of one of our sons and think about how much it looks like his son, our grandchild.  I hope my son is spending time with his son.  Unlike me, I hope he will not look at his son’s picture thirty years later and wish he could turn back and spend more time together.

It is not fair that we cannot go back to earlier times after we become wise enough to know how we should have used the time.  I want to go back and enjoy my children more.  I want to be able to just sit with them and love them in ways I wasn’t wise enough to do years ago.  It is not fair that we have to learn from experience.

That is why I will send these words to you so you will not waste your life, but instead set your clock to lifesaving time and let it apply all year round.  Then years from now you will pick up a photograph and smile recalling wonderful moments and the good feelings you are left with rather than the desire to go back and try again to get it right.

Never mind daylight savings time; institute lifesaving time now.

~ Bernie