Q & A with Bernie – May 22, 2023

Question for Bernie:

Hi Dr. Bernie,

Thanks for the words of encouragement during the eCaP* meeting. Loved the meditation at the end of it. Felt it came just right from the heart.

This is picture of me receiving chemotherapy. How does it look to you? Should I do it/do I need it?

Thank you so much.

Best regards,
A fighter


Bernie’s Answer:

Overall I like it very much.  The snake is leaving you and going home to the tree.You have healthy colors in the scene, and you are glowing with energy—yellow.  The empty chemo bottle had energy in it for you.  The only dark spot over your body is the device  hanging from your neck.

And you are all there, whole body and parts.  You will do well—go ahead with therapy if it feels right for you. I would say yes.


*eCaP: Exceptional Cancer Patients