Q & A with Bernie – July 3, 2023

Question for Bernie:

Hi Bernie,
In May, my tumor markers went from 48 to 58. So up 10 points. This month, June, my tumor markers went from 58 to 80, so up 22 points. I spoke with my oncology team and they told me to “put it out of your mind.” They told me spikes happen. They’ve seen numbers go up and then go back down again.

I have to admit it is hard to get out of my mind because they have told me if the tumor markers go up 3 months in a row it can be a sign something is going on. I will have my July appointment, get my next month’s tumor markers, before I have my PET scan in July. My appointment is July 18th. My PET scan is likely July 28th I think.

I asked my body why this is happening, the response I get is “so you know what’s important, what really matters.” I’m trying to listen to my body, listen to that. I’ve been doing the mirror exercise every single night, for about three months. I think I’ve missed one or two days. But it’s now become a habit. I feel overwhelmed. Love you.

Bernie’s Answer:

Fear is a big factor, too.

Keep telling yourself and believing the next test will be wonderful for you with all the markers plummeting.

My angel George will work with you.

~ Bernie

  1. Joycelin Rutherford

    Hello Mr Siegel
    I have been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in December 2018. I have been reading a lot about how to heal my body and what was the caused. I believe I found the answer. I have since been incorporating a lot of therapies on my health journey. I consider myself living a good quality of live. Do you have an online community?