Lottery Winner

What happens to a man is less significant than what happens within him.

~ Louis L. Mann
Lecturer in Comparative Ethics at Yale University
Champion of Social Service and Social Justice


I play the lottery regularly in the hopes of winning and doing some good in the world with the funds I receive.  Very few of the things I would think of spending the money on are for personal reasons.

Yet I realized the other day that I have already won the lottery!  For me the real lottery is about my life and family, the love we all share, and the things we have done and will do for others.  That is of far greater value than any cash that may come my way from a winning lottery ticket.  To look around at generations of my family and feel the love and know the kindness of these people is to be and feel like a winner.

The majority of families who win the lottery find it to be one more reason to fight and argue over who deserves what.  In our family we all share equally and have the children’s welfare at heart.  We are all winners, a wonderful feeling.  Give it a try.  Try seeing all the ways in which you are a winner.

Win the lottery of life and share your love and winnings.

~ Bernie

  1. Lacey

    Love that reading. I found you through Krispy cancer and his podcast with you. I bought your first book in audible. Thank you for all that you do.