Where’s Home?

Show me a man who cares no more
for one place than another and I will
show you in that same person one who
loves nothing but himself.

~ Robert Southey


As I stepped of the plane after a recent trip, someone asked me, “Are you home yet?”
I said, “Of course.  This is my planet.”

What do you think of a home?  Whether it is one acre or a whole continent, do you treat your homeland differently than the homeland of others?  Or are all homelands sacred to you?

In actuality, you are home everywhere on this planet.  We all share the furnishings, the environment, and the air we breathe and re-breathe.  Treat it all like your home and care for it so that your descendants, of whatever blood relationship, race, religion, or nationality, can live here in the years to come.

If we feel at home with those around us, we will create a home for the future.  But if we build fences, fight with our neighbors, intrude on them, and damage their property, we will all lose our homes some day.

Are you home yet?  Of course you are; this is your planet! So create a home for everyone by landscaping your life for the pleasure of all to see.

~ Bernie