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“The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls and looking like hard work.”
~ Thomas Edison


A great deal of knowledge is available to all of us.  With the advent of the computer, one can access knowledge of all sorts without leaving home.  Does that change anything for us as individuals?  Some say yes and some no.

What I see is the need for more than knowledge and access to it.  We need desire, intention, determination, and the energy to do what is needed.  Whether one is confronting a disease, looking for a job, or learning to play the piano, success depends on those elements.  No one else can “turn on” the needed elements.  Others can give you the knowledge and outline the skills necessary, but you have to put on the overalls.

In any field knowledge is important.  But how the knowledge is used and how persistent one is in moving toward a goal goes way beyond what knowledge alone can do.  You may have to pass a test to show you are capable, but after the test it is what you do with your knowledge that really counts.

Mix knowledge, determination, desire, intention, and energy and come up with a nourishing life force.

~ Bernie

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