Holistic Medicine – You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

It is interesting to see the establishment of Centers for Integrative Medicine at some of our great universities. Duke University’s Bravewell Collaborative Clinical Network is a consortium of member medical schools focused on developing what some call “Integrative Medicine” and … Read More

Physician Heal Thyself – Modeling Self Care for Patients

In November I have the privilege of speaking to the Heart and Science of Yoga Conference about “Healing a Life versus Curing Disease.” We’ll gather in Lenox, Massachusetts at the Cranwell Resort for a program of meditation, mind function optimization, … Read More

Making The Invisible Visible – How dreams and drawings reveal the unknown and invisible

Carl Jung Numbers have quantity and meaning. They are discovered and invented. The future is unconsciously prepared and therefore can be guessed by clairvoyants. The internal environment controls the body and though consciousness can override the perceptions residing in the … Read More

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