Q & A with Bernie – August 19, 2019

Question for Bernie: I was wondering if we could talk on FaceTime tomorrow. I have a 4 hour infusion, and I am truly and deeply struggling sometimes, not always, but when my days are bad they are heart wrenching—almost suicidal, … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – August 15, 2016

Question for Bernie: In 1988, I was diagnosed and treated for lung cancer.  I joined a support group and learned of you.  We were encouraged to get your book, Love, Medicine and Miracles. I did and we went to see … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – January 2, 2012

Question for Bernie: With all due admiration and respect, I ask for your input on my current situation. I am 56 years-old, and two nights ago found myself the subject of an “intervention” by my brother and sister (59 and … Read More