Q & A with Bernie – December 15, 2014

Question for Bernie I read Al Siebert’s book, The Survivor Personality, after I healed myself from anxiety disorder and maybe also mild depression w/o the help of medication. It hit me that how I healed myself was also by working … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – December 1, 2014

Question for Bernie Do you think a lack of self-love is behind addiction? Thanks for all you do! Bernie’s Answer Yes, it is grounded in growing up without parental love.  This absence of parental love accounts for not only addictions … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – December 16, 2013

This week’s Q&A Column is a little unusual because it is the full “thread” of a wonderful electronic conversation between one of our readers and me.  I think you will enjoy it and find it very inspirational.     – Bernie Question … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – November 18, 2013

Question for Bernie I listened to your Hay House interview, and you spoke a lot about cancer and autoimmune diseases.  Do you have any experience with healing ALS? Bernie’s Answer ALS is a challenge, but in summary, you need to … Read More

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