Q & A with Bernie – September 5, 2016

Question for Bernie: My sister is dying of pancreatic cancer (Stage 4, not able to do chemo due to not feeling strong enough). I haven’t been particularly close to her, but we’re generally on good terms. Other than letting her … Read More

Thoughts from Bernie – Our Healthcare Crisis

The present health care crisis is not just related to health care. It is a crisis related to what is happening in our society. We have become depersonalized as a society, invested in technology and not the experience people are … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – August 13, 2012

Question for Bernie: I have a cancer patient who recently came to me for some nutrition advice. She then retracted her agreement with me due to her latest doctor visit. She has been told she has only six months to … Read More

Holistic Medicine – You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

It is interesting to see the establishment of Centers for Integrative Medicine at some of our great universities. Duke University’s Bravewell Collaborative Clinical Network is a consortium of member medical schools focused on developing what some call “Integrative Medicine” and … Read More