Q & A with Bernie – July 29, 2013

Question for Bernie I come from the Czech Republic and I have read some of your books, which I am really grateful for. I started reading them because I have been a friend to many cancer patients.  However, my challenge … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – July 22, 2013

Question for Bernie: I am a Stage III breast cancer survivor and have really appreciated your blog.  I would like to give you a resource to add to your arsenal about the wig that significantly changed the way I felt … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – June 24, 2013

Question for Bernie I am probably writing this because of you. I read Love, Medicine and Miracles around 1992. At 62, I’m still smoking cigarettes.  Can you suggest any alternative therapy for this? Thanks. Bernie’s Answer When you love yourself … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – April 2, 2012

Question for Bernie: I have dealt with agoraphobia for years. I was in remission, but several years ago it came back. I grew up with a mother who had many health issues and was in constant fear of dying. Now … Read More