Q & A with Bernie – May 16, 2016

Question for Bernie: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. I had a mastectomy and elected chemo and radiation treatments even though it was not required. I wanted to do everything I could to beat the cancer. (Estrogen-driven, HER-2 … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – July 15, 2013

Question for Bernie I will try to make this short and simple, although it’s not. I have what I think is a nerve spasm in my top right chest. Doctors aren’t doing anything to help or diagnose what it is. … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – March 25, 2013

Question for Bernie: I am 53 and have suffered with depression most of my life. I have tried different medications over the past years, but I hate taking pills. I am just so overwhelmed with life. I have seen several … Read More