Ring True

You can tell the man who rings true from the man who rings false, not by his deeds alone, but also his desires.
~ Democritus

“What would I do now?”

We have a prayer bowl at home that gives off beautiful tones when it is rubbed or struck.  I wish that we as people could ring true like that bowl.  When we are struck by one of life’s happenings do we ring true?  Do we live up to the sermons we deliver?

I always know when something doesn’t ring true.  Like the feeling I have when I discover that a marriage counselor has been divorced five times or when I see a fitness consultant taking a cigarette break. I want the people I deal with to live their message.  I am not criticizing, I just want honesty.  I demand it of myself and expect it of others.

The next time something or someone doesn’t feel quite right to you, listen for the sound of the ring.  Is it true? Check to see if your actions ring true. I ask myself, “What would I do now?” Ask yourself the same question!