Love and Laughter: Our Best Defense Against Violence and the Craziness of Human Existence

Dear Everybody, Think of the recent headlines we all have read. The gay college student who committed suicide when his so called friends and dormitory mates videotaped his sexual encounter and publicized it and how we blow up and kill … Read More

When Heaven Speaks, Listen!

Dear Everybody, Now here are the correct endings to the following: After looking at the bill for my surgery……….I realized why surgeons wear masks. I believe there’s intelligent life in the universe except…….in certain parts of New Jersey. Women don’t … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – September 26, 20116

Question for Bernie: Dear Bernie, I wish to ask about the babies who are just months old yet they get cancer.  How can they have contributed to getting their diseases?  Why do they get cancer?  Thank you. Bernie’s Answer: Many … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – June 27, 2016

Question for Bernie: Symptoms continue to worsen even though I’m visualizing, praying, and loving myself every day. I can’t eat a lot of foods, drink coffee, alcohol, and even water dries my mouth.  I have bad breath due to the … Read More

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