Q & A with Bernie – December 1, 2014

Question for Bernie Do you think a lack of self-love is behind addiction? Thanks for all you do! Bernie’s Answer Yes, it is grounded in growing up without parental love.  This absence of parental love accounts for not only addictions … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – October 6, 2014

Question for Bernie Twenty-four years ago you saved my life through your book Love, Medicine and Miracles. I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes. I had a one-year-old baby and four other daughters … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – September 29, 2014

Question for Bernie I have been dealing with ulcerative colitis since 1998 which was diagnosed when I was four months pregnant with my son. I’ve tried conventional medicine without success and am now being treated alternatively, but still not seeing … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – September 15, 2014

Question for Bernie Thank YOU so very much for your exceptional words of wisdom that I heard today on Talk #1 of the 2nd Annual International Cure to Cancer Summit.  I agree 1,000% with what you say. In 2011 I … Read More

Q & A with Bernie – August 11, 2014

Question for Bernie Your book, Love, Medicine, & Miracles was recommended by my holistic doctor when I learned I tested positive for cancer.  It was the scariest book that I have ever read.  Sometimes I would read it with just … Read More

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